photo problems

  julieptk 16:49 16 Oct 2008

could anyone please help i am windows vista
i am having problems putting my photos onto a disc when it starts it says formatting disc then a box appears saying the volume mabel is not valid
please enter a valid volume label.
then another box appears for about 15 seconds saying incd mounting drive e for read access only can read but not write.
any ideas?
sorry really quite thick with computers lol
many thanks for looking

  Pamy 17:02 16 Oct 2008

Hello Julie, I do not know anything about Vista, but what disk are you trying to put your photo's on, and from where?

  julieptk 17:06 16 Oct 2008

hello i am trying to put them onto a cd r but to no avail from my pictures folder. i have been able to make a dvd with windows movie player and now just want to get all my pictures onto a disc but nope it won't let me lol

  Pamy 17:09 16 Oct 2008

Do you have any other CD burning program , like Nero etc.?

  julieptk 17:12 16 Oct 2008

yes i have nero and it says the same :(

  Pamy 17:14 16 Oct 2008

Strange, perhaps others may help

  julieptk 17:15 16 Oct 2008

lol thank you anyway nice talking :)

  Pamy 17:24 16 Oct 2008

I think "incd" is not the one to use 'but as Nero does not work, try another free simple burning program. type "free Vista cd burner" into Google and pick one that looks OK.

  julieptk 17:27 16 Oct 2008

ok thankyou for your time i will give it ago :)

  Pamy 17:46 16 Oct 2008

If another burning program says the same, then I think "Mabel" neads a doctor

  jack 20:00 16 Oct 2008

Is used for C-RW discs.
So it is a matter of selecting the correct item.
In fact Windows XP and Vista have an inbuilt 'burn program'
Bring the Images window to the desk top highlight those you wish to copy and simply drag them the the CD drive icon - Windows will tell you what to do next.

Alternatively download this Free burn program for CDs and DVDs

click here

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