Photo printing software

  anniesboy68 16:04 16 Jul 2003

Some while ago I had a little program where you could print out passport size images [say 16 to the page, quarter size, half size {two to a page etc etc] in practise any combination you wanted. Does anyone know of this little program , I believe it was on a disk four years ago or so approx. Is anyone using it please, and if so let me know the name. Thanks.

  y_not 16:14 16 Jul 2003

ACDSee + Photoslate used to do that - don't know if its still around - I used to use it a couple of years ago.

Sure there will be others and, from experience, some on this site seem to know every last bit of brilliant, free software. I spend hours following links and trying out software from the links.

Thanks to all those that post these sites here

  Bagsey 16:24 16 Jul 2003

If you fail to find a free program you can use most any desktop publisher to do the job. I often use MS Publisher to arrange my photos for printing out

  anniesboy68 16:24 16 Jul 2003

Y_not...dont think so, they are viewers I believe, this was a small freeware prog that printed

  y_not 18:17 16 Jul 2003

ACDSee + Photoslate ARE printing software (in addition to viewing) for details and free trial download click here

  -pops- 18:51 16 Jul 2003

If you're on WXP, there is the Photo Printing Wizard where you can print 1, 2, 4 or 6 prints per page.


  accord 19:19 16 Jul 2003

as -pops- says, you can print up to 35 prints per page in XP. Single click on a picture an click on print picture in left hand pane, this should open up Print wizard and follow the instructions.

  AngeTheHippy 21:40 16 Jul 2003

WORD 2000, MS Office is what I use - just import your images to the page, resize where necessary, drag-and-drop anywhere on the page. This is by FAR the most economical way of printing, I find. You can utilise virtually EVERY part of the A4 sheet. I don't thinks it has GOT to be Word 2000, I should think any Word would do!


  anniesboy68 23:15 16 Jul 2003

Ok all got the message...will tick as resolved thanks again

  Seicento 06:30 17 Jul 2003

Is this click here the program you were looking for?

Lots of options and very simple to use.

  anniesboy68 16:15 17 Jul 2003

Seicento....Yes thats the one I was looking for. Thank you very much

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