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  SURVEY 14:28 24 Jun 2006

I wish to replace my trusty HP Deskjet 815C priner with one that will allow borderless printing. I find that for general use the standard black ink cartidge and the Tricolour single cartridge offer good quality photo and general printing.

I am happy to stay with HP but I am somewhat confused that some of the latest printers offer 6 cartridge use and do not state clearly in their specs if they can work with a single black and a single mutlicolur (tricolor) cartridge without having to instal the 6 cartridges. I can see the advatage of a 6 cartridge system for special photos but for general use I find the tricolour plus black fine.

I am interested in the Photsmart P8050, the P8250 or perhaps the chaeper DJ5940. All allow borderless printing and have approx the same print speeds. Can anyone help with the ability to print with 2 cartridges? Also any comments on quality of the printers I have seen some reports of paper jams with the Photosmart P8050/8250.

  howard63 17:58 24 Jun 2006

the advantages of 6 cartridges is a generally better print quality and if 1 cartridge runs out you only have to change that 1 not the whole lot.

  GRFT 08:36 25 Jun 2006
  GRFT 08:44 25 Jun 2006

Sorry, the link to that thread doesn't seem to work; but I see that you've already been there.

  SURVEY 09:13 25 Jun 2006

I understand entirely what you are saying. However I would just like to know which of the printers I mentioned can operate with just a black and a single multicolour cartridge (without necessarily installing the 6 cartridges that the printer may be able to take for best print quality). Also any comment on the printers mentioned.

  jakimo 16:00 25 Jun 2006

Six cartridge printers will not function unless all 6 carts. are installed,or if any cart. runs empty

  Totally-braindead 16:45 25 Jun 2006

jakimo this is certainly true of Epson printers, don't know about the other makes, but just this weekend I saw one on QVC (sad I know) that was a multifunction device and a fax machine and would print with 4 cartridges fitted, the other 3 cartridges which were required for photo quality were only needed for the highest quality. Having said that it was a Lexmark, one of the most expensive printers to buy cartridges for and which I probably couldn't afford to run anyway.

  shellship 17:13 25 Jun 2006

You do not say what size you wish to print but my children gave their Daddy an HP Photosmart 335 for his 70th recently. It has only a tricolour cartridge and the quality on 4" X 6" phoyto paper is amazingly good for such a small device.

  Beth 17:43 25 Jun 2006

I got an HP Photosmart 335 at Christmas. It's easy to use and the results are good.

  SURVEY 18:22 25 Jun 2006

Most of my printing is A4 black ink but also web pages in colour. Photo printing is very seldom but I would just like the ability to print borderless photos (that my present HP Deskjet 815C will not do. This is why I would prefer to have just used a tri-colour plus black cartridge or at least a printer that would just allow this with maybe the option of the other cartridges being inserted for any really special photos.

I do not require a dedicated photo printer such as the 335.

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