Photo Organizer for Android (Nexus 7)

  RegScriv 15:29 17 Jan 2013

Has anyone any knowledge on Photo Organizers for Android tablets, in my case a Nexus 7.

The built in "Gallery" app/"Picture" folder on the Nexus doesn't store the photos in folder name order when I copy and paste from my PC photo folder, which is a real pain. It seems to copy across mainly, but not every time, in the order which I copy them across.

Please, can someone help

  john bunyan 15:52 17 Jan 2013

I am told Astro is a good file manager for Android; See:


  RegScriv 16:18 17 Jan 2013

Thanks John.

Being a newbie to Android and the tablet I'm a bit nervous about downloading these kind of apps. It'll be my first Android/tablet download.

Reading the one star and lower star reviews of some of these file managers and photo organizer is enough to put you off.

  john bunyan 17:38 17 Jan 2013

I'm like you. However I think the "main" content you want is kept on the "master" computer (a bit like an iPod) so at worst one can reset the tablet and reload data. I would never keep vital stuff as a sole copy on a tablet. My grand daughter has a 7" Samsung tablet and I did buy her a paid for Android virus checker. She uses it like an iPod touch and likes the word process feature (with a keyboard dock) to do essays at school, then she plugs it in to her home laptop and finds the Samsung word process imports well into MS Word 2007 for editing and printing.(Or by e Mail)She still uses iTunes on the laptop and has converted all the music to MP3 so she can copy playlists to the tablet in its external disc mode.

  RegScriv 20:59 17 Jan 2013

Sounds like you're around the same age as me John, having a grand daughter. It's amazing how quickly they can pick up the technology.

Do you think a virus checker is necessary on a tablet. I was looking at that myself. There's also the matter of a firewall. I'm a Norton fan myself and Google Play have a free Norton Security app in their store

  muddypaws 09:36 18 Jan 2013


Antivirus. Seems to be two schools of thought on this. I went the safe route and got AVG free from the app store, Very simple interface.

Re photos.

I use Picasa and Picasa web albums, but I found that videos would't play without flash. Yesterday I found the Picasa mobile app in the store @ 99p.

It immediately loaded all my albums to the N7 and all videos play without any delay.

You have a choice of display by date or name.

I realise you have to be on line for this, but worth a thought.

Have you tried an OTG cable with a flash drive plugged into N7.

Put all photos on there and plug into N7. Oh! you do need Nexus Media Importer from the store, about £2 I think to run the pen drive.

I have an 8gb one, not enough, but will do for a start.

Nexus forum is handy: Here

  RegScriv 10:36 18 Jan 2013

I bought my Nexus 7 primarily for my photo album, which goes back to 1900 & comprises 13,000+ photos at around 7.5Gb. Hence I invested in the 32Gb version.

If only the N7 Gallery would put the photos in order of folder name, or simply in the same order that they are copied across - first at back latest at front - I could live with that. I can't find any setting on the N7 to make it adopt any form of order. Shame.

I want to be able to view the photos anywhere, which means I won't always be able to be online. Dropbox is good, placing a copy on your device as well as online apparently, but only allows around 2Gb free.

There's a Photo Organizer app in the Google Store called "Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl)". Most of the reviewers like this app and it has a 4.3 star rating. Maybe I should just grasp the nettle & download it.

The other option is to take the File Manager route, & you're right that the Astro File Manager has an good reputation.

I've already registered with the Nexus forum & had a number of helpful responses in respect of file managers. No response yet to my post about Photo Organizers.

I wonder if the Android developers could advise me.

  RegScriv 12:46 19 Jan 2013

Ok, problem solved. I downloaded QuickPic & it does everything I want and more. It took a couple of seconds to download & immediately installed all 13,000 of my photos. Now they are all in alpha/numeric order & I have several ways of viewing them; Gallery, Grid, List or Explorer. Got to learn all the other things it can do because it's got a lot of features & functions, but so far 5 stars from me.

  muddypaws 14:32 19 Jan 2013


Will take a look at that.

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