Photo Master Suite (Corel Photo-Paint 11, ACD Phot

  Severn Bore 14:50 27 Dec 2003

Has anyone used the photo editing software from ACD Systems, called "Photo Master Suite"? It is said to include Corel Photopaint 11, but I can find nothing out about this particular element of software in a standalone format. I use Corel Photopaint9 (part of the CorelDraw 9 graphica package), for photo editing. If I can upgrade to Corel Photopaint v9 via the Phot Master route, it would be a bargain.
Can anyone advise please?

  Diemmess 16:35 27 Dec 2003

I use Photopaint version 9 "by default" so am biassed.Also I feel that latest versions of Corel are web orientated or extra frills rather than huge improvements from the bottom.

A Photo Master Suite website says "includes Photopaint 11.......Photo editing".

I don't think it is a good idea. Paint Shop Pro which has a strong following in this forum is only 10% more, and Corel v. 11 from 300% to 600% more, presumably whether upgrade or outright full version.

On the basis of "owt for nowt" - Any bits of Photopaint v.11 you buy for that price will be lonely and not a lot of use compared with your v.9

  Severn Bore 10:46 28 Dec 2003

Thanks for your comments. I am pleased with Corel 9, but always like the latest editions!!! I have been thinking about Paint Shop Pro which is also competetively priced for the latest version.

  Diemmess 15:01 28 Dec 2003

Yup, I'm happy now with Corel Photopaint and like playing with upgrades which are REAL improvements.
I hate having improvements forced on me by necessity, say bloatware or new hardware which eventually means that some peripherals, will no longer be recognised or supported by drivers.

Photoshop 7 is probably better than Photopaint but at what cost, not only in £s but in relearning.

I can see the Severn from here, Any connection?

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