Photo Image resizing

  GroupFC 13:38 02 Sep 2003

I am sure that I have seen a post on this subject in the recent past but for the life of me I can't find it (I didn't think I would need it but now I do and yes I have tried the search facility!).

I have a large number of photographs which need to be resized. I appreciate that this can be done individually but can anybody point me in the direction of some software (preferably free!)that will re-size the images "en masse".

Any help/pointers will, as always, be gratefully received.

  alcudia 13:44 02 Sep 2003

Go click here this will resize and a lot more

  alcudia 13:50 02 Sep 2003

Sorry, missed your point of en masse. I don't know of any freebies that will do this. There are plenty if you don't mind paying.

  hssutton 14:17 02 Sep 2003

I do not use irfanview but I am sure that this will do "en masse"? batch processing?.


  GroupFC 14:49 02 Sep 2003

Thank you both for your prompt responses.

Does anybody who uses Irfanview know if it has the facility to resize more than one image at a time?

  MAJ 14:56 02 Sep 2003

If you're using Windows XP, highlight all the pictures you want to resize, right click, choose Resize Pictures and you will get the option to resize the pictures "en masse". There's even a Custom size were you can choose the size you want them resized to.

  MAJ 15:07 02 Sep 2003

If you want to do it using Irfanview, go to File > Batch Conversion/Rename, it's fairly straightforward from there, GroupFC. Make sure to choose Advanced options when you have chosen the pictures to resize.

  Belatucadrus 15:07 02 Sep 2003

click here for the posting you mentioned, I don't know if Aletank got anything to work as he wanted though.

  Justabitbaffled 15:27 02 Sep 2003

You could try photoshop elements; I know its not free but it is efficient and will also give you the opportunity to rename your files.

  MAJ 15:41 02 Sep 2003

As does Irfanview, Justabitbaffled, which is here

  alcudia 15:57 02 Sep 2003

Thanks for that, been using irfanview for ages and never looked in there.

As for Elements, Yuk! (Just a personal opinion)
Damn thing came "free" with my scanner. Not a patch on Paint Shop Pro.

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