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  Holographic_man 10:14 02 Apr 2004

Hi all,
I have a account with 1&1 as most of you know,and I want to put up a photo gallery. Can I put up a site named huntlyfloralfund/gallery allowing people to visit but restricted via a password, in other words a friends and family section.
And would this be free? as I have tons of space left on the server.


  andyb4u1 12:38 02 Apr 2004

If you are familiar with installing PHP scripts, then there are plenty of free photogallery scripts out there that would do the job. One of the best that i know is called 4images.

  Forum Editor 17:58 02 Apr 2004

in your server space, but in this case why don't you simply create a subweb of your main Huntly site?

Create a folder called whatever you like - 'private' for instance, and then design your friends and family site inside that folder. Make sure you have an index.htm page there.

Give your friends and family the url of the private area - blahblahblah. com/private and then protect the private/index.htm with your password utility.

It's easier than it sounds, but feel free to ask for as much help as you need.

  Holographic_man 14:21 06 Apr 2004

Sorry sub web?

  Taran 16:01 06 Apr 2004

A subweb is a web within a web. Since your web site needs a root folder for eveything to live in, if you make a new site, put it into a folder inside your current web root folder, you've just made a subweb.

Following the description given by FE above, if you created the folder he suggests called private, it will live inside your current web folder. To access the pages in it you would fire up your browser and type in your web URL followed by /private/

This will automatically try and load an index.htm or index.html file inside the folder called private. Assuming you put an index.htm/index.html file in there, it will load up just as your current site does.

You could, if you wanted, run a site for every day of the week and keep them all in subweb folder named after each day. To browse the pages in them you would type your main site URL followed by /monday/ or /thursday/ or whichever day you wanted to look at.

Many people run several sites under one domain. You can, if you like, register another domain name and use forwarding to point to files in a subweb on another site.

I hope I haven't just muddied the waters further.

  JayDay 19:26 06 Apr 2004

Go here click here to get a small bit of javascript which creates a password. very simple to use.

  joelmb 00:23 07 Apr 2004

I don't know about 1 to 1 having never dealt with them, but some hosts including mine, web attention, provide password protected directories which is what you need. Maybe 1 to 1 provide something similar via their control panel?

  joelmb 00:23 07 Apr 2004

1 & 1 sorry

  Holographic_man 10:36 07 Apr 2004

Taran, thanks forgive me if I go on, so when I upload and update my web site with the private folder it's part of the web site structure and it is placed on my server with all it's bits?

So in my sponcors pages I could create a mini web site for each of them and just place a forward slash after my domain name to link to that page, that answers a lot thanks.

I underdtand with forwarding that also solves some issues I had with onther project I am working on, thanks again.

Jayday thanks for the link

joelmb I will check out 1&1, thanks

  Taran 10:46 07 Apr 2004

1&1 do offer directory protection depending on yuor account.

Their business account has this feature.

Log into your 1&1 Control Panel.

Click on your account.

Click on the Homepage link on the left hand navigation panel.

Click on the Directory Protection link.

Follow the prompts to assign a username and password to any directory [folder] in your site.

Note that this is not the same as user authentication for multiple usernames and passwords. It is a simple .htaccess and .htpassword generator so all users will share the same username and password.

The advantage is that it takes seconds to set up and saves you wrestling with .htaccess and .htpassword manually. They are theoretically easy to set up, but getting the server/directory paths right can be an issue if you're just starting out.

For multiple users you may need to think of using a third party script, but for simple directory protection 1&1 feature their own script generator so it will get you up and running in seconds without doing your head in.

Home accounts do no, or did not, offer this feature.


  Forum Editor 19:31 07 Apr 2004

related to a 'friends and family' access gallery, and as they are friends and family it probably doesn't matter if they all use the same password does it?

fourm member's suggested solution is an excellent one, but of course it means that everyone has to remember the path to the directory that you create. It's your choice - both methods are very easy to implement. Just make sure that you have an index.htm or index.html file in every subweb that you create. Your visitor's browsers will take it from there.

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