Photo File Repair

  Covergirl 11:59 24 Mar 2010

I have a couple of folders of photos where the files appear to be there i.e. they give a filesize and filename but when I try to open them with a photo viewer or paintshop type app, I get an error message along the lines of "Invalid Image" message from Picasa, "Can't Read File Header" from IrfanView or "the file may be unsupported, damaged or corrupted" message from Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Photo Gallery.

"Can't read file header" gives me a clue that the file is somehow damaged. The file listing contains a filesize and filename and I would guess that each file may be repairable.

Does anybody know if there is such a program which may attempt to reconstruct or repair a file (or files)? Freeware preferably. I've had a scoot round the web for a couple of nights but I'm a bit suspicious of some of the offerings so a tried and tested suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

  Confab 12:36 24 Mar 2010

You don’t say where you files are stored but I’ve used this click here with success on several occasions. It’s not free but you can download and try the trial version

  Covergirl 12:55 26 Mar 2010

. . . for the suggestion - unfortunately it didn't work. The software installed OK, I found the relevent files and although it had a go, the results were still corrupt.

Anymore suggestions please before I close this thread . . . ?


  Confab 14:19 26 Mar 2010

Sorry it didn't work. Its usually very goog at recovering files.

You could try Nero RescueAgent from here click here
It’s an application within Nero 9. Again it's not free but there is a free trial available on the link I've provided

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