Photo File Recovery

  Stuffer27 11:13 05 Jun 2008


Help needed to recover deleted photo files!

My Mum is distraught as she's somehow managed to delete a folder with all her pictures of my Dad in - who passed away last year. I know that the files can be recovered, but would appreciate a steer as to what the best software is - and if there is any free software that will do the job? She's running Vista.


  Technotiger 11:15 05 Jun 2008

click here

Good luck.

  Stuffer27 11:41 05 Jun 2008

Thanks for the help - but given the nature of the issue I was hoping for a little more focussed help than just a link to Google...

  brundle 11:44 05 Jun 2008

Best to try some live ones first, you can even install non-live ones on a USB drive (not just copying the files, actually install it on the drive) whatever you do don't install on the drive containing the files to be recovered.

recuva; click here
pc inspector recovery ; click here
pci smart recovery ; click here
drive rescue; click here

  brundle 11:44 05 Jun 2008

I don't think Drive Rescue works with NTFS drives but I may be wrong.

  brundle 11:47 05 Jun 2008

There's also Art Plus Photo Recovery;
click here

  Stuffer27 11:47 05 Jun 2008

Thanks Brundle for your extremely useful suggestions. I'll give these a go later.

  Confab 11:57 05 Jun 2008

The first thing to do is to stop using the PC on which the files were stored. If they were saved to your mums “C” drive then by using the PC there is a good chance that the space where they were stored on the “C” drive will be overwritten and recovery will be almost impossible.

If you can do so it’s best to remove the drive and connect it to another PC as a slave drive. By doing this you will be able access the deleted photo’s and nothing will be written to the drive which might compromise the recovery.

Try some or all of the programs detailed above and you should have some success. If not then perhaps you should consider commercial recovery company.

Please tell your mum that she really should back up important files.

Good luck

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