Photo enhancement soft wear

  taffhughes 15:06 06 Jun 2005

I do a lot of photo editing but I am having trouble finding professional photo enhancement soft wear.
If any one could point me in-the way of a good package I will be grateful

  Completealias 15:27 06 Jun 2005

Phototshop is very good but can be difficult to learn and is very exspensive £500+. You can get photoshop elements for about £70

Jsac Paint Shop Pro is not quite as pricy but is also very good click here £85

The Gimp is free click here

As is serif Photoplus 6 click here

  jack 15:28 06 Jun 2005

THE Pro software is Photoshop in one of its many configurations- How deep is your pocket and deep do you want to go into the complexities?
Photoshop will set you back 600/800 smackers and can be a head ache to run inless you are with it12/7

Possibly a batter bet is Paintshop Pro now in version 9 for 70/100 smackers.

Or cheaper yet but very versatile Roxio Photo Suite not in version 7 for about £40.

All have downloadable trial I believe or are available on Cover discs

Personal choice is Paintshop

  taffhughes 15:38 06 Jun 2005

Thanks a lot guy's
I'll try and save up and get a copy of photoshop

  Completealias 15:39 06 Jun 2005

In the mean time you could try the gimp as its free

  pj123 15:49 06 Jun 2005

Well Photoshop seems to be the industry standard but costs an arm and a leg. I have Photoshop 7 and Paint Shop Pro 7. I tend to use PSP as it is fairly easy to get to grips with but Photoshop has so much more to offer. As Completealias has said Photoshop is difficult to learn. I have a friend who is now an expert with Photoshop so I am learning from him. There have been many tutorials on Photoshop on cover disks, mainly Digital Camera magazines as opposed to PC magazines. I have tried a couple of the tutorials and the results have been very good. Still an awful lot to learn though and I couldn't do on my own, (that is, without the tutorial).

  Djohn 16:08 06 Jun 2005

I've been using Photoshop elements, cut down version of the full application for the past couple of years, came free with my scanner.

I have just bought version 3 of photoshop elements and its superb. quite easy to get to grips with and very powerful. Cost round the £70 mark but worth every penny.

  Masterspy 18:37 06 Jun 2005

Highly recommend it. Paid £50 for my boxed version from WH Smith. Includes a manual which is very matter-of-fact. There is/are some books on the market and there are some tutorials on the Help menu.

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Good hunting!

  anchor 19:12 06 Jun 2005

Photoshop is certainly the expensive choice of professionals.

However, for the mere, and less well off, mortals amongst us I would suggest Paint Shop Pro. The new version 9 will be more than adequate for most tasks you are likely to undertake.

  Buchan 35 19:27 06 Jun 2005

I agree with Masterspy`s Paint shop Pro v9.
Wortg every penny unless you`re an absolute perfectionist. It even has something for them. Best of luck Taff

  BT 09:38 07 Jun 2005

Ulead's PhotoImpact is also very good.Price is similar to PSP and Elements 3

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