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Photo Enhancement.

  Pidder 18:20 09 Nov 2004

After using a 30 day trial of Paint Shop Pro I miss the Automatic Photo Enhancement facility it includes for improving the brightness and contrast of photos with just a couple of clicks. I am reluctant to purchase the full program (at a rather high price) as I am sure I shall never use many of the procedures. I've tried a number of photo editing programs, such as Irfanview, but they don't have the ease and simplicity of PSP. Can anyone point me towards a free or low cost program to download or acquire elsewhere? Many thanks in anticipation.


  Belatucadrus 19:09 09 Nov 2004

click here PhotoPlus 5.5 free.

click here Photo Explorer 6.0 also free

  hssutton 19:38 09 Nov 2004

Two freebies that will do what you want

click here

click here. Broadband required for this download

  Pidder 22:28 09 Nov 2004

Hello All, Many thanks for your suggestions, I'm on dial-up so will see what I can get.


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