Photo editing software for beginner

  whizza 21:13 05 Jun 2003

k been trying out photoshop 7 but its 2 complicated all i want to do is get rid of red eye despec pics brighten ect any 1 recommend any software??

  shifty 21:20 05 Jun 2003

Try Jasc painstshop pro, it is far easier to use with all the red eye and colour adjustments etc set out auomatically. I have photoshop 7 but I always go back to Jasc for the ease of use.

  crocodile36 21:26 05 Jun 2003

is simpler and a lot cheaper. It does most of what the full Photoshop program will do.

  Belatucadrus 21:42 05 Jun 2003

click here= for a free copy of photoplus 5.5

  researcher 22:45 05 Jun 2003

Try ACDSee or Arcsoft Photostudio 2000.

Both really easy to use friendly products that can give great results.

  anchor 08:56 06 Jun 2003

I agree with shifty; Paint Shop Pro 7, (now superseded by version 8), is excellent. It will do everything you need, and is very good for fixing "red-eye".

A tutorial for version 7 can be found here:

click here

Quite a good "freebie" is Irfanview

click here
don`t forget to also download the plugins

  GroupFC 09:09 06 Jun 2003

In another post, Andsome & €dstow recommend a small FREE program for, amongst other things, red eye reduction.

Made by a Kodak company, Ofoto is available from click here

Haven't yet tried it myself so don't know if it is any good!

  Andybear 11:45 06 Jun 2003

I'm with shifty and anchor - Paint Shop Pro is the only one I use. I recently bought Paint Shop Pro 7, 10th Anniversary Edition from Game for £39.99. As well as the main programme there is some bonus stuff, such as the Jasc Media Center Plus for organising photos, plus other stuff. Very useful is the inclusion of a proper paper manual (no need to trawl through the online help section!). Their web site address is click here

  -pops- 14:10 06 Jun 2003

If you can cope with the GUI, Photosuite is an excellent, easy to use program. It does a very good job very simply but I find the childish (and noisy) interface annoying. Version 5 may have improved, Have a look click here


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