Photo onto CD-R

  curlylad 13:05 05 Dec 2005

A friend would like me to put a couple of photos onto a CD-R.

I have a scanner and would just like some info on how to do this please as I have never done this before.

All help much appreciated !

  Skills 13:10 05 Dec 2005

Scan the images and save them to a location on your hard drive.

Then open up your cd burning software and create a data disk, find the files you want to add to the disk, add them and click burn. Or if you are using XPs built in burning feature right click the files you wish to burn and choose send to and then your cd writer.

  SG Atlantis® 13:11 05 Dec 2005

scan the images onto your PC. Open nero and create photo cd, usually it's with nero visionexpress. Insert cd and navigate nero to add your images.

  woodchip 13:13 05 Dec 2005

What ever method you use, do save the photos as Jpeg after final Editing. You can start NERO and just drag and drop photos then burn. With Jpeg they are more likely to play on a stand alone DVD player

  curlylad 13:22 05 Dec 2005

Yet again thanks all for instantaneous assistance.I will go through all the suggestions and let you know if alls OK, ONCE AGAIN MANY THANKS !

  €dstowe 13:28 05 Dec 2005

Remember that you can get an awful lot more than two photos on one CD.

  woodchip 13:30 05 Dec 2005

Yes use Multisetion

  curlylad 14:08 05 Dec 2005

One other thing , the disc is being created so that someone else can use the photo on it to create a birthday party invitation.Do I therefore need to use a CD-RW ?

  €dstowe 14:11 05 Dec 2005

The only use for a CDRW is as a coaster to rest a beer glass on.

  SG Atlantis® 14:18 05 Dec 2005

€dstowe nice definition of a cd-rw.

Wouldn't worry about cd-rw's just means they can re-use the disk. My opinion is that they are unreliable and time consumming. Better to burn it on a cd-r and be done with it. CD-R's are what less than 10p each?

  curlylad 14:21 05 Dec 2005

€dstowe - Are you saying that the people will be able to retreive the photo and use on another document , the invitation , if the picture is on a CD-R ?

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