Phoning to France.

  Bald Eagle 08:18 07 Mar 2011

Never really got my head around how mobiles work! If I phone from a UK landline to a UK based mobile in France do I just use the 077xxxxxxxx number or change it to 003377xxxxxxxx?

Thanks in anticipation even though not a computer question as such.


  beynac 08:31 07 Mar 2011

You just use the normal number (077xxx..). You are dialling a UK mobile service. It is academic where the phone is located.

  Simsy 09:04 07 Mar 2011

you will just pay for the call as if the recipient was in the UK....

The recipient will pay for the "transfer" over to the French mobile service provider.



  Bald Eagle 10:15 07 Mar 2011

Many thanks for the info folk.


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