phonew unlock

  john1000 19:56 03 Jan 2003
  john1000 19:56 03 Jan 2003

i am trying to unlock my nokia 3310 mobile phone i have a new data cable and software but everytime i try i get a e bus error check cables and power on phone which seem to be ok i have also checked my com ports which seem to be ok any ideas?

  recap 20:02 03 Jan 2003

john1000, if this is a case of entering your pin number more than three times and you are locked out then, you will have to ring the Nokia helpline for what is known as a PUK number to unlock the phone.

  john1000 20:08 03 Jan 2003

no i am unlocking it so i can use any network sorry if i did not explain it right

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:31 03 Jan 2003

Most phone shops charge £20 for unlocking and a new SIM which has £7.50 of credit on it (Vodafone)which is a lot easier:-)). However, delete the software and re-install but make sure your AV and firewall are turned OFF when you run installer. Then use ctrl-alt-delete to close down all progs except explorer and systray. Try again to fire up the software but I suspect that you may have a faulty cable as I assume that your com ports are OK or that the software is not detecting your ports. Are you trying whilst the phone is on charge?


  john1000 20:55 03 Jan 2003

no just got data cable in back nand battery on top to power it

  john1000 22:18 03 Jan 2003

i have checked my com ports through device manager or is there a better test?

  clayton 22:29 03 Jan 2003

£10 to get your nokia unlocked look in your local paper. ps it wont work if the phone is stolen

  john1000 22:41 03 Jan 2003

thats why i am doing it myself data cable is only £4.oo software free what else could you ask for

  BBez 23:18 03 Jan 2003

is the software used called "nokia tools"..?

  john1000 23:36 03 Jan 2003

no eeprom tools version 3 unlock any nokia phone

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