Phone USB cannot read by computer

  soulofknight 08:06 02 Aug 2018

I am using Samsung S4 phone, and my phone has a problem. It is unable to connect to the computer when I plugged USB. I mean, when I connect USB from my phone to my computer, my phone is able to charge, but I am unable to do file transfer because the computer cannot detect my phone.

I have accumulated quite a lot of pictures taken from camera, and I am going to run out of space anymore. Is there any modes of data transfer I can use to transfer from my phone to my computer without affecting the quality of the picture. What I meant by affecting the quality of picture is that, for example, if you transfer image through whatsapp and stuffs, you will realize the image decreases sharpness. I want to transfer files from my phone to my computer without going through USB, and also without my files losing quality. Is there any way to do such transferring of data?

  Newuser4165 09:15 02 Aug 2018

You need to install the usb driver for Samsung phones :- click here

  geoff96 11:28 02 Aug 2018

Just change the options on the phone from a charger to file transfer.

click here

  john bunyan 12:59 02 Aug 2018

Does your phone have a micro SD card installed on which your pictures are stored? If so you can use a carrier or get a micro SD card reader adapter (USB) then copy all the photos to your PC . Then format the SD ON the PHONE . If no micro SD it may be worth getting one. Always easier than connecting phone if the phone has a slot

  john bunyan 13:04 02 Aug 2018

Ps I also use Phototransfer app that uses your wi fi router to connect phone to PC. You need the app on PC and phone

Photo Transfer App - Bitwise by Bitwise Software SL

  lotvic 12:01 03 Aug 2018

Newuser4165, that driver is not what TS needs to transfer pics

soulofknight, you need to alter the function as per geoff96's advice

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