phone tracking

  kench 17:50 23 Mar 2006

Our works mobile phone has a tracker on it, is there any way to get around this tracker, so as to block the signal? any help would be appreceated.

  Ray5776 18:00 23 Mar 2006

Yes several ways, but this is not the place.

  ACOLYTE 18:19 23 Mar 2006

It has a tracker on it for a reason i would say,ask your boss,see if he will help you.

  Ray5776 18:44 23 Mar 2006

Do I detect a note of sarcasm ACOLYTE :-)

  ACOLYTE 18:58 23 Mar 2006

If i was kench's boss and i found out he was going on line to try to find ways to circumvent security
and do something he shouldn't be,then i would be very upset,and would think very carefully about keeping his employment,not only that but if someone did help him do this then they themselves could be left open to prosecution by the firm in question.I also dont think its a question that should be asked on this forum,it may be just me that thinks that,but thats my opinion.
If what kench is trying to do is not against the company rules then my suggestion was valid.

  SG Atlantis® 19:24 23 Mar 2006

Turn the phone off and say you were out of range, poor reception.

  MidgetMan 20:36 23 Mar 2006

Or wrap the whole phone in silver foil!!!, am wondering why you want to do it though.

  SG Atlantis® 20:41 23 Mar 2006

I'd forgotten that one, a relative used to do it when they wanted to avoid "call outs" late in the evening.

  VoG II 20:42 23 Mar 2006

This could have health and safety implications as well if you work off site.

  keewaa 22:03 23 Mar 2006

Cover it in bubble gum usually works.

  rsinbad 22:08 23 Mar 2006

might not be a phone could be one of those things round his ankle

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