Phone Scammers (Claiming to be Micrososoft) Still Current

  johndrew 12:17 15 Aug 2012

Just an update for any that may not of heard of the scam.

The unavailable/out of area telephone calls with regard to "This is Microsoft .... your PC is infected" scam is still ongoing. I have had at least 5 calls in the last two days from them offering to fix my PC - and I'm certain it would have been fixed.

For those who need to know how to deal with them there are many suggestions in these forums. I either leave them to talk to themselves or tell them to wait whilst I fire up the PC which will take a long time!!

  onthelimit1 12:39 15 Aug 2012

This was reported a couple of days ago

see thread

  johndrew 19:30 15 Aug 2012


Wish I was unloved by these callers.

  Ventad 11:08 17 Aug 2012

If you search on line you can get phone number, name and address of nearly every body including ex-directory numbers so it is just a matter of choosing a name and phoning all the ones that come up. I was quite suppressed when I put in my surname and it all came up and I am ex-directory .

  Ventad 11:10 17 Aug 2012

Suprised that should have been

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