Is this a phone scam??

  rozelle 08:57 26 Mar 2004

I know mobile phones are not really something I should be asking for help with but I am hoping someone will have some knowledge in this area. My mobile is ancient, a Philips that is almost five years old. I only use it for emergencies and it has never given any trouble before. The battery need recharging yesterday and so I put in on charge and after a few hours, full charge obtained. When I switched it on I then had a scrolling message across the screen saying SOS Contact your dealer. I cannot make any calls because of this message. I contacted O2 and was told that my phone was "broken" and if I wanted it repaired, it would cost about £50 and therefore the best solution would be to buy a new phone !!!!! I asked about my £14 credit and they said, oh we will transfer that over to your new phone. I feel that this is a scam in order to generate sales. Has anyone else had experience of this please?? I doubt it, not many people will have such ancient pieces of equipment. If I have to get a replacment, I would not be keen to go back to O2 in view of what has happened but if I don't they get to keep my £14 credit, presumably. I feel it is a scam. Anyone got any ideas please?

Many thanks

  TBH1 10:22 26 Mar 2004

you have to move on, mate - - your phone is probably broken and probably not worth fixing. I wouldn't have thought o2 are being particularly devious here so if you have been pleased with their service in the past, stick with them

  computernerdiamnot 10:32 26 Mar 2004

Hi rozelle
That is the first i have heard of that one but not the first problem i have heard of that trick. i have used mobile phones for years and have kept all of my handsets including the trusty motorolla 8500 but to get to the point i had a samsung a800 and gave it to a freind who is on o2 on pay as you go and she does not really use her phone. incidentaly she has the old tarif where you can make free phone calls to a nominated number even if you dont have credit. All of a sudden she has been hving problems with the phone when i insert my chip back in no problem, i then suggested she gets o2 to bsend her a new chip but they say she should by a new chip herself and the will change the number over. also put someone elses chip in your phone and see if it works.

  edstowe 10:34 26 Mar 2004

"My mobile is ancient, a Philips that is almost five years old."

Remember that some people change their mobile almost as often as their socks. Five years just about qualifies it to be in a museum the way things are with these dratted devices.


  [email protected]@m 11:10 26 Mar 2004

You can buy 'just a phone' with no sim card. Put your card in, you get your £14 calls and keep your number. Take your card to a phone shop, they should try it for you.

  Demora 11:30 26 Mar 2004

My advice is. go to your local market stall or somewhere that sells good second hand phones (these are usually unlocked and run on most networks) Can usually pick up a Nokia for around £50 pounds and some stores that sell them will give you a 1-3 month gaurentee. Thats how I got a Motorola v66 and it worked in the States too. Depending on where you live. We have about 3 stalls/stores in our markets in Plymouth or you could try Ebay. Loads of em on there.


  rozelle 11:49 26 Mar 2004

I am really chuffed to have received so many replies, all of them helpful and one or two gave me a giggle as well, that is a bonus. I shall be getting a new cheap and cheerful phone, just have to decide which and am pleased that I will not lose my £14.

Many thanks to all of you, I am very very grateful.

  carolineann 12:40 26 Mar 2004

Orange Siemens A55 Mobile Phone.

argos very, very cheap I had the same problem with mine. also a old, old, philips

  David-235429 17:51 26 Mar 2004

...or Argos also has an Orange Sagem with colour screen, speakerphone and polyphonic ringtones and now reduced to £39.95 ! very very very cheap! :-)

  spuds 23:17 26 Mar 2004

I have two mobiles on the O2 [Cellnet] system. One mobile is a Philips Savvy [4 years old!] and the other is a Motorola [2 years old], both have about £12 payg credit available.Recently the Philips one on connection, just gives me a recorded message,stating that I need to buy more time,and that this account will close in 2006, this as never happened before. Making me think about O2 [Cellnet].

  ©®@$? 23:28 26 Mar 2004

ah i remeber the old philips mobiles that used to give you £10 free credit everytime you switched it off and on again

shame i dont have one now

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