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Phone to pc issue and opening pc suite issue

  gazmix 12:05 22 Feb 2017


I am wanting to backup my phone to pc using Sony Xperia pc suite but when I double click on the .exe setup file I get this:-

click here I attach my phone to pc via usb cable it used to be straight forward, attach-click on my computer and double click on my phone and away you go. Now I get this:-

click here .exe files are problematic. Can anyone advize please. Cheers Gaz

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:49 22 Feb 2017

Try uninstalling / reloading the drivers click here I never bother with he PC suites as more trouble than they're worth. Just drag and drop in explorer once the machine recognises the phone

  gazmix 20:28 22 Feb 2017

The pc suite I think don't run with xp and this is the problem.

Would still having xp cause problems when attaching phone to pc via usb data cable?

  gazmix 20:35 22 Feb 2017

P.s yes I did used to go to my device in 'my computer' and then drag and drop into a folder on my pc but I can't do that now hence my pic on my post

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:11 22 Feb 2017

Uninstall and reinstall the drivers

  gazmix 11:33 28 Feb 2017

Hi Fruit Bat

I've downloaded the drivers zip file to my desktop.

Where it says 'right click computer name' & click 'add legacy', this isn't there as you can see, only 'scan for hardware changes':- click here seen 'add hardware' in control panel, which brings up a wizard:- click here wizard searches then i get this:- click here how do i install the drivers from the zip file on my desktop please?


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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 28 Feb 2017

Are drivers uninstalled ?

plug in phone and it should find and reinstall drivers

if not extract the drivers from the zip file to a folder

when the install new hardware wizard runs point it to the folder where you extracted the drivers.

  gazmix 16:13 28 Feb 2017

I don't know if they are uninstalled, OK I have unzipped the file and now have the folder on my desktop. I will try when I get home. I did plug phone in earlier but it didn't notice the folder I unzipped but will try again and post response. Thanks.

  gazmix 18:33 28 Feb 2017

click here options

click here of option 1

click here 2

click here

Note the list in final photo the option is greyed out. There is an entry in the z3 compact Dropdown list that isn't greyed out but that results in same as pic 2. Thanks. Thanks

Shows Results Option

  gazmix 18:36 28 Feb 2017

Appologies, the way I layed it out obviously didn't work, basically it's the options then the results, hope you get jist.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 28 Feb 2017

When telling it to find the driver open the Xperia z3 folders until you find the one with the .inf file.

Another way may be to use explorer and just to right click the .inf file in the Z3 folder and select install. that may well install the driver.

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