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Phone number showing when hover over my yahoomail

  rsturbo 10:15 08 Apr 2019

When recipients hover mouse over my email address my phone number is shown how do i turn this off please?

  lotvic 12:00 09 Apr 2019

It seems to be contents/info on you they have in their Address book - Contact Card clickhere

  Lewis Thea 13:47 09 Apr 2019

I think this is the issue of your browser just clear the temp and cache of your browser. and check your setting also to remove your contact no.

  lotvic 16:03 09 Apr 2019

Lewis Thea, it's nothing to do with browser temp and cache. Your first post on forum, Hmmm...

  rsturbo 21:16 10 Apr 2019

Thanks Lotvic. Contents in address book.

  Lewis Thea 06:27 06 May 2019

Well yes lotvic That was my first post on forum... :D There was something to start from somewhere, I thought why not here

  lotvic 11:30 06 May 2019

Lewis welcome to forum. Hopefully your future advice posts will be more knowledgeable.

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