Phone not working but still can access Internet

  lucky1 21:11 19 Dec 2010

Last Sunday our landline phone developed a fault (unable to receive or make calls) and it was immediately reported to BT via their website. Test was carried out and they identified that the fault was with their equipment. A week later and no action has been taken despite emails and expensive mobile calls.

Despite all this we still have Broadband. Can anyone tell me why this should be as I always thought both the phone and Broadband came in on the same line. Or am I being silly?

  Sea Urchin 21:35 19 Dec 2010

In essence your phone line is split into two different connections by your filter - this might help to explain

click here

  lucky1 21:37 19 Dec 2010

We're off to bed now. Good lady has an early hospital appointment in the morning and it's still snowing heavily.

Will look back in to the forum tomorrow. Regards.

  lucky1 21:38 19 Dec 2010

Thanks Sea Urchin.

  Graham. 23:29 19 Dec 2010

Is BT your ISP?

Your phone line splits in the exchange. One connection goes to the Broadband equipment, another goes to the telephone equipment.

Either the 'phone connection is physically disconnected or the exchange equipment is faulty.

Either way, it is easily fixed, but will need an engineer to go to your exchange. It's not cut off by the snow, is it?

When I worked at BT, there was a commitment that all faults were cleared and all phones were working by Christmas.

  Clapton is God 14:23 20 Dec 2010

"When I worked at BT, there was a commitment that all faults were cleared and all phones were working by Christmas"

What - even if the fault was reported in March?

  lucky1 14:42 20 Dec 2010

Thanks all for your responses. Got an email from BT a short while ago and they are apparently 'working through a large backload of faults due to the adverse weather'.
Hopefully we'll be back in touch with the outside world by Christmas!
Graham - passed by the exchange earlier and the road up to it seemed okay.

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