Phone making 0870 number phone calls by itself

  Ben Chuud 22:26 23 Oct 2004

Once upon a time, you pick up the phone and dial a number, BT then billed you for making the call. There are 2 persons in my household, one hates phones and won't touch them ,he won't call anyone and does not want anyone to call him. If he is in the bath or sleeping and the phone rings and he hears it, he will ignore it (cursing the caller).. who is he (that's me the sad person. The other person the happy person love's the phone, exact opposite of the sad person, nothing is to much trouble, loves to hear from the whole world.. who is she (that's my wife).

Our phone bill was approx £30 a month, I could live with it. The bill was paid by Direct Debit from our Joint account which was managed by wife. Postman arrives when wife is about to go to work and she knows I hate big phone bills, she hid the last 2 bills which were mega hugh. I did not see the bill but noticed large sum of money being taken by BT, when I confronted the wife, she went into a strop and did not explain much.

Last phone bill arrived and I happend to see it. Saw calls being made to certain numbers for a long long time and the numbers didn't register as being familiar.As usual asked wife to explain who has she been calling, almight row, no clear explanation. If there was anyone guilty, it had to be her as she loves the phone and is glued to her mobile and house phone.

Thought shud investigate further, sign up for BT online bill and here could see each call listed.. Much to my shock, most of the calls were made to 0870 numbers and some 0207 numbers but all during the day after 0830 hours. My wife works Mon-Fri 0900/1700 (leaves the house without fail at 0745 and rarely gets home before 1930hours)and all these calls been made during these hours during the week days. This was shocking evidence.

I then decided to call these numbers, another shock, all answered by non-human ( i.e. computer and non human voice).

In April I had broadband connected from Bulldog. I used a USB modem to connect. At no time did I use DUN ( Dail up thing) In July I configured a LINKSYS Modem router, here again, I just click IE and I am connected to the Internet.

I phoned BT to complain, was told it is to do with my broadband and I should speak to BULLDOG my broadband provider. BULLDOG is NOT one of the best ISP to call, you could wait for an hour to speak to a 'person'.

Anyway, wife has a mobile with a Virgin monthly something contract, I have a PAYG mobile which I have no clue how it works and have hardly used, I see no reason why I need a landline to make calls, so I told BT to bar all outgoing calls and to make my landline only receive incoming calls.

Now Questions:

1) Has anyone had experience where thier phone had a mind of its own and started making calls by itself and what did you do other than what I did.

2) Making my landline only to receive incoming calls, will there be any probelms with my BULLDOG broadband connection.

(I have paid nearly £1000 to BT on these ghost phone calls since I got my broadband connection)

  kev.Ifty 22:38 23 Oct 2004

Have you identified the number that has been contacted from your land line? Check it here.
click here

If there was nobody in the house when your calls where made why have you paid? Argue the toss with BT. It is not unknown for them to back down.

Any way check with ICSTIS(above). Let us know etc...


  kev.Ifty 22:42 23 Oct 2004

As for BB. Why did you change? Did you suspect Diallers? Now you have BB,as long as you do not have your dial up modem plugged in to the phone socket. Your PC can not contact the internet via dial up!

  LastChip 22:46 23 Oct 2004

Do you use something like Lavasoft Ad-Aware?

It is a utility for searching out Diallers (amongst other things), and you should run it and see if you have something automatically dialling out. click here

Spybot Search & Destroy is also a good companion click here

  Ben Chuud 22:59 23 Oct 2004


Thanks Kev, you see I hate phones and made it clear to my missus that I will pay from my single account the mortgage, council tax, TV licence, Insurance Policies, water rates, electricity, gas, broadband, Sky subscription and other essentials by DD but not the phone. The DD for the phone (BT) was on the Joint account which is managed by my missus which I do occasionally see and poke around. It is she who has paid which I know is wrong, she knows how much I hate large phone bills and she accepted the bills as being true to form. She makes a lot of calls in the evenings but these all fall under the free local calls category. She taught it maybe these calls that has upped the bill.

However in the BT bills, it says Local calls ( xxx hours) FREE.

Only when I started looking at what day/when the calls were made did I realise they were 0870 ones and it was never her who made them as she was at work each time> I know we should have queried it and stop it a long time ago.

As for the BB, I have NOT changed it, I am still with BULLDOG and have never EVER used a dial up modem and never will do, I have a MODEM router which is ALLWAYS On . My question was, having told BT to make my landline to receive incoming calls ONLY, would it have any detrimental effect on my BB connection.

  roy 22:59 23 Oct 2004

Are you leaving your computer switched on all day now that you have broadband and, most importantly, have you removed your modem cable to the phone line? See kev.Ifty above.

  Ben Chuud 23:03 23 Oct 2004

This has all happened while I had BB, I have Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad Aware and all the other SPY utilities etc and I keep these all up to date.

I thought I was protected but no, someone , somewhere is up to no good and is making calls from my phone

  kev.Ifty 23:17 23 Oct 2004

Sorry miss understood the BB bit. I thought you had changed...

I know I'm stating the obvious, BUT, if you have already told BT to stop out going calls, then(with respect) you're about to find out,the effects of the change...

My BB (Wanadoo) states that one has to have a BT landline but i can find no reference to it having to be capable of making out going calls.

Have you identified the dialled numbers. If you can prove that they where not dialled by a member of your household you may be able to claim a refund. I would pursue it. Don't forget the ICSTIS link. Those people are there to help with these type of problems.

Check the site and contact them if you need to "take BT on". ;-)

Best of luck Kev.

  Ben Chuud 23:24 23 Oct 2004

I have a desktop which is connected to the MODEM router but it is never allways ON, I only use the desktop 2 or 3 times a week for an hour or so.

I have a laptop which connectswirelessly to this MODEM router, this I use more often however when I am NOT using it, it is switched OFF. At times, the laptop is not even in the house, it is in the boot of my CAR.

The only thing that is plugged in to my phone line is the LINKSYS Modem Router model WAG54G

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:28 23 Oct 2004

There was a story very simularto this on the local newas recently, several people in the same village recieving huge bills to 0870 numbers turned out to be rouge BT men usinng the Big green connection box to get free calls using other peoples lines.

Argue the toss with BT and refuse to pay the excess.

  Forum Editor 23:45 23 Oct 2004

refuse to pay a BT bill, or you will find yourself without any phone line at all. By all means argue your case with BT, and confront them with the fact that nobody is in the house when these calls were alledgedly made from your phone, but don't default on your payment - BT are used to people saying they didn't make premium rate calls when in fact they did.

Although you say you called these mystery numbers and were answered by computer you don't say if you have traced them - who runs these 0870 numbers?

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