Phone line issue, but Openreach says nothing wrong

  nebula1 12:09 09 Jun 2018

Hi I need some assistance with an issue with the phone and broadband. Firstly I will say that I have the phone service with one service provider and the broadband/wifi with another service provider.

I first noticed I had an issue with intermittent broadband. The router would regularly disconnect, then reconnect, and then disconnect again. This can happen sometimes after 10 minutes of reconnecting. Sometimes after 10 seconds! At the same time I noticed a crackle on the telephone line which I thought was related.

I have established that there is nothing wrong with the router. I have since tried 2 brand new routers (one direct from ISP) and they both exhibit the same disconnecting/reconnecting issue. The crackle is also apparent on three phones in the house.

I recently had an ex Openreach engineer come out and he diagnosed that the crackle was the issue which was knocking out the internet. He used a BT Mole and located a fault approximately 130 metres away and as such was not on the property boundary and within the jurisdication of Openreach to resolve.

An Openreach engineer came this week, spent half an hour looking at the line and hooking up devices but ended up stating that there was no problem with the line. He advised he would go up the road to the nearest cabinet to check it and would come back to let us know the outcome. Unfortunately he never came back.

The crackle seems to have disappeared for now, unless I am performing quiet line tests at times when it is not evident. The intermittent broadband is still an issue, regardless of whether the router is plugged into the main socket.

I want to change to a new supplier for fibre and phone so I have both services under one roof, but I am concerned that this issue might follow me if I do so. Can anyone advise as to what the issue might be or the best course of action I can follow?

  wee eddie 14:42 09 Jun 2018

Check that you Fridge does not have a faulty condenser or thermostat.

  wee eddie 16:08 09 Jun 2018

I mentioned a Fridge but, any relatively powerful piece of electrical equipment could have a similar effect

  compumac 16:25 09 Jun 2018

I had exactly the same situation that went on for three months.

It was diagnosed at the first Open Reach attendance as a fault on the footpath but later found yet another fault some 30 metres away. The problem is that it is costly to dig up the footpath and there is considerable resistance from the powers that be to agree to the repair and continually claim there is nothing wrong with the line. The engineers had stated that if the AUDIO (phone line) is working OK any problems with the landline in respect of broadband do not figure in their remit.

Keep nagging!

  difarn 18:01 09 Jun 2018

I too have had a similar problem. Keep reporting a phone fault, do not mention broadband. Mine was eventually sorted out afer an Openreach Engineer spent the whole day here - in the end the telephone cable to the House from the telegraph pole was replace. The Engineer said it was badly frayed. A year or so later the problem returned - after more investigations the Engineer said that the wiring in the hole at the side of the telegraph pole was in a terrible state, that he had located our line and it was badly frayed. He said he repaired it. Fingers crossed it is solved. As compumac says, keep nagging.

  compumac 18:59 09 Jun 2018

I should have added that I persisted(nagged) and eventually they dug up the footpath and replaced the faulty cable and I now get twice the speed that I was getting prior to the problem.

The Open Reach engineers themselves know the problem, - it is the powers above and the financial implications of a repair that is the deterrent and any way of putting that decision off is to their benefit and not you the customer.

  BT 09:00 10 Jun 2018

As Compumac says 'Keep Nagging'. A Disabled friend of ours had a similar problem for ages and BT/Openreach insisted that it was because she had connected something new within her house, which she hadn't. Eventually it turned out that it was the outside wiring at fault.

Conversely we had a problem on our Virgin phone line and the engineer came the following day and fixed the problem before he even knocked on our door. He'd spent over half an hour at the roadside box tracing the fault and had reconnected us to a new exchange line. He then came in and checked the line and all my cordless phones to make sure everything was working. And all at no charge, whereas BT/Openreach wanted to charge our friend for fixing her problem before it was found to be an outside fault.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:42 10 Jun 2018

Same answer keep nagging your ISP they have more clout with the Openreach to get the problem fixed.

I had drop out and eventually a complete loss for a week ISP insisted on sending a new router even though I'd tried three and got BT to check the line, in the end they had to reset my username and password at their end and had the cheek to charge me for an engineers call I hadn't had. Managed to get a refund on that.

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