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  wee eddie 15:40 15 Mar 2007

for Outlook XP (2002)

I am trying to make the Outlook in my Laptop identical to that on my PC.

To do this I am Exporting the .pst File to the Shared Folder on the PC. I am then Importing this from the Shared Folder into Outlook on the Laptop.

It should be simple enough, but somewhere along the Line I am making a mistake. If I knew what it was I would not make it.

I have downloaded the Help sheet from the M$ Database and also used the on board Helper but to no avail.

While not at my wits end, it's very frustrating not being able to do what others appear to do without a second thought

  wee eddie 07:08 16 Mar 2007


  silverous 08:12 16 Mar 2007

You haven't said what it actually happening/not happening when you follow the procedure i.e. Do you get an error? Your mail doesn't import ? What?

  wee eddie 08:33 16 Mar 2007

I am hoping to transfer the contents of the PC's .pst File to Outlook in the Laptop.

As far as I know this includes everything, Contacts, Calender, Tasks, Notes, the lot right up to the moment the copy was taken.

As far as I know, when you Import a .pst file it overwrites the previous .pst file.

I was hoping to Synchronise them but they are connected via the router and an USB cable which appears not to be, really, a Network as I have to communicate through a "Shared Folder". FE recommended a program that I tried but it requires direct communication. Anyway I lost the job that that facility would have been useful.

  wee eddie 08:39 16 Mar 2007

it seems to reactivate an earlier file even though I have tried to import the latest .pst file

  silverous 09:15 16 Mar 2007

When you say "reactivate" you mean it appears as a an imported folder ? If that's what you are getting imported then that's what's in the file?

  wee eddie 09:53 16 Mar 2007

Outlook.pst and/or Backup.pst contain all the information required to populate Outlook with the information within the copy of Outlook from which it has been copied.

I am trying to create an identical copy of the information within Outlook on my PC.

  silverous 10:35 16 Mar 2007

So it works but some recent emails are missing?

Is it possible there's more than one outlook.pst on your machine? I believe they may be hidden by default, you could do a search.

  wee eddie 11:10 16 Mar 2007

I shall try again next week to see if I can work out what I did.

As far as I can see I only changed the address from which I was accessing the same file.

Thanks silverous

  silverous 12:41 16 Mar 2007

Changed the address?

  wee eddie 16:19 16 Mar 2007

I moved the Exported file from the PC's Shared Folder to the Laptop's Shared Folder, which required me to close Outlook on the PC.

When I had done this the file Outlook.pst was successfully Imported and the Laptops version of Outlook appears to be identical to the PC's. Having said that I have not yet had the nerve to see if I have created a vast number of duplicate entries in the Contacts Folder.

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