phone fraud-beware

  p;3 20:41 02 Jun 2005

from a work mail I received today; forewarned is forearmed::)))
Phone Fraud - Warning from the Police 11.5.05
> We have been advised of a telephone fraud currently in operation -this applies to home and work telephones, landlines and mobiles.
> If you receive one of these calls, upon answering the telephone you will hear a recorded message congratulating you on winning an all expenses trip to an exotic location. You will then be asked to press 9
> to hear further details. If you press 9 you will be connected to a premium rate line that costs approximately £20 per minute.
> Even if you disconnect immediately, it will remain connected for a minimum of 5 minutes costing around £ 100. The final part of the call involves you being asked to key in your postcode and house number,
> which has other serious consequences. After a further 2 minutes you will receive a message informing you that you are not one of the lucky winners.
> The total bill by then will be £100.
> Since the calls are originating from outside the UK, BT and other telephone companies are left relatively powerless to act. The only safe solution is to HANG UP before the message prompts you to dial 9,
> even safer HANG UP on any unsolicited 'free offer calls'.
> There is another scam operating on mobile phones as well. A missed call comes up. The number is 0709 020 3840, the last four numbers may vary, but certainly the first four will remain the same. If you call
> this number back you will be charged £50 per minute.
> People have complained about their phone bills, once they have realised the cost of the call, but apparently this is completely legal.
> So beware, do not call back numbers beginning with '0709'.
The above was passed to me by a member of staff. On checking with Police it is genuine."unquote

(thought this appropriate to share with the forum)

if your phone bills are a bit iffy;;;well...

hope no-one has been or will be affected:)

however, wouldnt mind the money nor the exotic location holiday:)lap top and mobile phone can travel with me too:))

  stalion 20:44 02 Jun 2005

yes this has been around for sometime they also leave answer phone messages telling you to do the same thing.The most widely used excuse is you have one a free holiday.

  Newuser2 21:21 02 Jun 2005

I got one of these calls the other day, I just hung up, they also then called back and left a message on my blueyonder voice mail.
There appears that there is nothing any of the so called telephone regulators can do to stop these types of calls. Something to do with the caller not actually selling anything, etc etc.

  Technotiger 21:33 02 Jun 2005

I get this type of call frequently, I ALWAYS just replace the receiver without answering.

Cheers anyway.

  chiquita 21:36 02 Jun 2005

I get one of these calls at least once a week, it usually starts," Hi! this is Angela calling from sunny California..... BT could stop this scam in its tracks by not forwarding the fee to the originator of the call.
What could the scammer do? Send the Bailiffs across the Atlantic?
The truth is, BT don't give a damn because some poor victim always gets caught.

  stalion 21:48 02 Jun 2005

same here

  Sans le Sou 22:09 02 Jun 2005

This ones no hoax , I complained to BT as I was getting hit every day last week, sometimes twice in a day and BT has admitted they had received a load of complaints - although as it is not from Europe they cannot do anything about it.
Also its a nice little earner for them.

  Buchan 35 22:30 02 Jun 2005

Thanks for the timely reminder.

I`ve been getting calls that are purported to originate in Germany, Holland, Latvia and Belguim. I always hang up immediately and then dial 1471 only to be to be told that the number`s been withheld.

Whatever anyone says they are scams designed to separate you from your well earned money and if a new scam comes up please post it here. Good post p;3.

  medicine hat 22:55 02 Jun 2005

On that thread crx1600 points to FE says its a hoax email perpetuating a myth and Salinger says that pressing 9 won't do anything. Yet I currently have a message on my answerphone saying press 9 to win a prize. Most people aren't foolish enough to fall for that anyway but what would actually have happened if I had answered the phone and pressed 9? Nothing or something nasty?

  spuds 23:00 02 Jun 2005

BT are stating that this type of thing is increasing every day, and they are receiving a large amounts of complaints, but they cannot do anything about it. In the same report, they also state that they [BT] bill you for the service, then give their client the balance of the fee charged. Makes you think, doesn't it?.

  p;3 23:02 02 Jun 2005

I"ve had some recently with the number withheld:)

and medicine hat; not that I am at all suggesting or advocating you do; but if you do try it you could report back; however, I think you might be a few hundred quid less well-off ; so dont:)

I am sorry; but if folks wish to believe this is a hoax, then maybe they dont mind when the phone rings and they follow the instructions to find themselves duped; choice is yours of course; I aint going there:))

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