Phone Dialler not working in Win98

  Simsy 20:08 19 Aug 2004

Hi folks,

Thanks for reading this through to the end!!

I've got a problem with the Phone Dialler that comes as part of Win98;

It's not something I normally use, but the poblem came to light, (a while ago), when I was working on something in Excel. Basically I'm constructing a Name/Address/Phone Number database using Excel. When a cell with a phone number is selected a button appears and clicking it dials the number, using the windows dialler... I want to get on with this a bit more, and can't because of this problem.

(Note that much of what's needed to do that I've got from elsewhere... I'm not that good!)

Anyway, it didn't work, and it didn't take much to discover that the dialler is at fault. Trying to use the dialler as a stand alone tool it behaves in the following way; Using any of the speed dials is fine, it works perfectly. However if you type a number into the box and press “Dial”, regardless of method used, (e.g, clicking on button using mouse, or using “enter” key), it just freezes up. That's to say the dialler freezes up, not the PC. Ctl_Alt_Del brings up the “phone dialler is not responding” message. End task gets rid of it and nothing else is awry with the PC.

I know it's not a hardware problem because I multiboot this PC; Win98 is on another partition on the same HDD and when I boot int that partition it works OK. This suggests it's some software configuration problem, possibly a conflict.

I have tried the following, all resulting in no difference in behaviour;

1)The usual MS built in utilities, sfc, scandisk, defrag etc.

2)Reinstaling the dialler.

3)Uninstalling and then reinstalling the dialler.

4)Reinstalling modem.

5)Uninstalling and then reinstalling modem.

6)Reinstalling Win98, “over the top”

7)Running a prog called “sysinternals”, which give a kind of text version of a “running commentary” of everything the PC is doing. This showed nothing being wrong.

8)Running in safe mode, so no AV, firewall etc.

The only thing I can think of that I haven't done, (and I really don't want to becasue apart from this it really, really does run sweet, and I've everything set up the way I like it), is a complete reformat and install from scratch.

I should add that when I put the pc together, about a year ago, I took a “Drive Image” of the basic installation, before any application software was installed, i.e. just utilities were installed, AV, zip prog etc. Restoring this image didn't cure it either, so the problem was obviously the before most of the software was installed, (reducing the likelyhood of installation of something else causing the problem).

No Overheating problems, Modem works well for everything; dial-up internetand faxing. PC used for simple domestic stuff, no video, no gaming, no big music use.I'm really stumped.

Anyone got any ideas.... anything at all? (I have searched the internet... but I never seem to be successful doing that!!)

System details, Win98se, Athlon1.1, 384 MgRAM.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 10:12 20 Aug 2004

and to clarify;

the refernce to Excel near the start of the first post is a red herring. The problem is with the phone dialler.



  Simsy 12:46 22 Aug 2004

I'm still none the wiser on this.



  Simsy 05:47 25 Aug 2004

I'm loosing hope!



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