phone & adsl

  Garthyy 21:41 12 Jun 2005

I had adsl in for 4 weeks now all of a sudden I have to unplug a phone to get a connection. Any ideas?

  howard60 22:02 12 Jun 2005

sounds like a dodgy filter. If you have more than 1 try unplugging 1 at a time.

  Garthyy 22:39 12 Jun 2005

tried different filters. connection has just bombed out again.

  Graham ® 22:45 12 Jun 2005

Disconnect everything except the modem. Does it work now?

  Garthyy 22:49 12 Jun 2005

i have disconnected one phone on Friday, a second on Saturday - all i have left is 1 phone and wireless router. All is steady for a day then it all starts again.

  Graham ® 22:51 12 Jun 2005

You didn't mention a wireless router! :-)

Is a wireless, including DECT, telephone involved?

  Garthyy 11:25 13 Jun 2005

yes, sorry for delay connection went again, with only a normal phone plugged in.doing my head in.

  Graham ® 13:20 13 Jun 2005

As above, try with only the modem connected. No phones, no filters, no Sky.

  Garthyy 14:04 13 Jun 2005

the problem being I have no mobile phone signal here so need a usable phone and the adsl connection is fine for a period - up to 12hrs, then gone again.

  Djohn 14:22 13 Jun 2005

Listen to our Graham ® he will sort you. Meanwhile check the router is not going into power saving mode [Turning off] Go to device manager via a right click on, My Computer/properties/hardware tab/device manager.

Scroll down to, Universal serial bus controllers, expand and right click on each USB root hub. Choose properties/power management tab and remove the tick [If there] from the box that says "Allow my PC to turn off this device to save power"

  Djohn 14:26 13 Jun 2005

I know your router is probably not connected through a USB device, [Some are] your network or LAN card will have the same option, so repeat the above on the network interface card which should be just above the Universal bus controllers in device manager.

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