Phishing - It's Happened to Me - How to Avoid it

  Shikaree 18:56 03 May 2009

Hi Folks,

Today I received a Phishing E-mail. I deleted it.
Please, how could I prevent this in future.



  VoG II 18:58 03 May 2009


Try this click here

  octal 19:01 03 May 2009

You can't stop it from happening, you did the correct thing in deleting it, if it's just the odd one now and again I wouldn't worry too much about, just delete them.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:12 03 May 2009

i've had a couple and opened up the HTML source code and had a look where the email is directing. I've then emailed the actual company' fraud departments and informed them.

Not that it does much good!

  octal 19:16 03 May 2009

OTT_Buzzard, I've done the same by looking at the email headers and doing a Whois back trace to find the ISP then emailed their abuse department about it, but I don't think it does any good, especially if it originates from China or Russia.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:19 03 May 2009

yeah. never good. cybercriminals are just inconsiderate, not basing themsleves in the countries where thy commit their crimes!

The info is more use to, for example, my bank. At least if they know that there is a phishing attack going on then they can warn the rest of their customers.

  Shikaree 19:34 03 May 2009


Thanks. I'm going to look into that Click Here.

octal, OTT_Buzzard,

Thanks. The first one. It was done through a very Trusted website I have been on for a very long time. I have my profile on it. A Website from where one can track down lost Relatives & Friends. I just went into their website and they have taken Action. About 210 complaints they have had so far. They have also located where this person is from and contacted the person's ISP etc. They have a Warning on their Website. I have also e-mailed this Trusted Website to inform them. I have requested them to take my name off.


  laurie53 19:48 03 May 2009

I get three or four of these a week.

As long as you delete them and don't open any links they are not a threat.

  Shikaree 20:22 03 May 2009


Thanks. That's a relief.


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