Phishing Expidition

  J B 10:56 10 Jan 2006

Over the past few days I have recieved a number of suspicious e-mails (6), all of which were from the 'Halifax Bank'. I have made message rules for them however, if I were to open them up I could leave my system open to attack. My question is, how can you report them without opening the message in the first place, after all said and done you have to have a URL to report them or am I mistaken? I must say that I do not have spam software installed, because, I use the common sense approach, if it looks dodgy don't open it. Any suggestions. J.B.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:00 10 Jan 2006

It is highly unlikely that you will be 'attacked' on a home computer. Send the emails to click here the instructions to do this are on the page.


  spuds 11:18 10 Jan 2006

Why bother reporting them. They are very well known, and Halifax like Barclays and eBay and the like are very aware of them.

There are a number of very good anti-phishing forums, that keep you updated on a regular basis.

Here's one click here

  Meshuga 11:43 10 Jan 2006

I`ve had 3 on the same day, supposedly from the Halifax. Do as I do, straight in the bin without opening them.

  J B 14:02 10 Jan 2006

Thanks for the info everybody, bookmarked tha link that spuds gave me and the messages went into the bin.
One other thing before I close out this thread, is there any point in making message rules in the first place when dealing with spam or is the bin the better way to do things. J.B.

  spuds 17:27 10 Jan 2006

In the bin the best, and perhaps use something like mailwasher or K9.

I get on average about 60 to 90 emails a day, of which about 75% are not opened and binned.

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