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  tatey1975 23:19 24 Jun 2007

phillips pc and tv combo

I have just bought the phillips tv and slim line pc combo, wired it up and i'm not recieving any sound through the tv speakers. The lead is out from the green speaker socket on the back of the pc and into the imput digital sockets (2, one red, one white, but the plugs supplied are one red, one blue?) on the back of the tv - but no sound
any ideas?

also ive checked the drivers and both are working fine

  Stuartli 23:33 24 Jun 2007

Is there a trouble shooting section in the manual? Also check that the PC's Volume icon menu reveals no Muted outputs.

3.5mm jack plug speaker leads, by the way, can also be red and black as well as red and white (or presumably blue in your case).

Yellow plugs normally donate video use.

  tatey1975 00:10 25 Jun 2007

yes, i've tried the troubleshooting menu and it tells me to check volume etc which i have done i have tv vol up and main computer volujme to max
it does have a realtek menu were you can choose default speakers or digital imput which is the one i set it to
don't knowwif this makes any difference, i'm beginning to think maybe the lead is dodgy

  tatey1975 00:12 25 Jun 2007

also i was wondering how to connect my sky digibox to it

  Stuartli 10:15 25 Jun 2007

More likely you are using the wrong input sockets - many TVs have Audio Out as well as Audio In.

  tatey1975 00:19 26 Jun 2007

solved it - just needed to re-install the sound drivers - duh sorry

still cant get sky connected through it though and seeing as sky only connects withg a scart dont see anyweay of attacting it. Is there a converter for scart to s video?

  Stuartli 09:03 26 Jun 2007

Yes. In fact I use one with my Kiss DVD player (S-Video + two audio leads to Scart plug) to connect it to the TV, similar to:

click here

Make sure that any Scart leads you use are either two-way or have an input/output switch.

  Stuartli 09:04 26 Jun 2007

Well you did say: "...also ive checked the drivers and both are working fine..."..:-)

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