Phillips tv - 37pf5521d/10 - does not deocode 'm2ts' file off multimeda har drive

  yusuf_03 14:08 08 Jun 2011

So I have a phillips tv (model number in title), when i try to play a recorded file from my hard drive (cyclone primus 2tb) which originally came from my soy hdr-xr144e camcorder, i can only hear the sound but cant see any video playback, the screen just stays black. The file type of the recording is 'm2ts' taking in mind that the hard drive does support this, it means that it cant be the problem. Any solution will be very helpful Thanks in advance

  gengiscant 14:34 08 Jun 2011

You have already asked a similar question Same problem?

  yusuf_03 14:38 08 Jun 2011

The reason being is because i contacted both sony and phillips (make of my camcorder and tv) they said that its more likely that the tv cannot play 'm2ts' video format. This cannot be right beacuse i copied some of the video files onto a memory stick and play them thorugh my ps3, they all play fine with no problem, now im slighlty confused and dont know why its not decoding the video.?

  gengiscant 14:41 08 Jun 2011

Did you have a look at my link in your other post? The problem is the format Sony records the video file in.

  yusuf_03 14:45 08 Jun 2011

Yes i looked at the link. But if the format works thorugh a ps3 how can it not work thorugh the hard drive, when the actuall hard drive does support m2ts files? its a cyclone primus 2tb hard drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 08 Jun 2011

because the PS3 decodes the files your TV cannot

you need to convert the files into a form the TV can deal with directly.

  gengiscant 15:08 08 Jun 2011

My mistake your Cyclone Primus 2tb is a media player, not just a harddrive and you are quite right it does support them2ts format.

Have you connected it correctly, I have looked at the manual here Sumvision and it is worth checking.

  yusuf_03 15:51 08 Jun 2011

Fruit bar - can you reccomend me any file type i can convert it to so that the quality is not reduced?

Gegiscant - Yes it supports m2ts and ive connected it via HDMI to the TV

  yusuf_03 15:55 08 Jun 2011

I seen the sumvision website for manuals, but cant seem to find the one for my hard drive. If any does find it please do post it here.
Also if anyone has or finds any contact number for 'cycline/sumvision' please let me know. Thanks.

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