phillips iqon write speed?

  jordan24x 15:12 31 May 2007

I have a phillips D920 dual core desktop pc with a dual layer dvdrw.The problem I have is where do I find out what speed the write speed is so I can buy the right blank dvd's. (i.e 4x, 8x, or 16x etc) Ive looked all through the manual and cant seem to find it.
could someone please let me know what it is,

  Totally-braindead 15:19 31 May 2007

The right speed depends on the disks you use, all disks will probably accept 4 speed and most will accept 8 speed but I have had some problems with 16 speed, at the moment I am using Datawrite and although they are marked as 16 speed if you burn at that they fail, burn at 8 speed no problem. Teh ones I had before click here samuria burned at 16 speed no problem.
So there is no right speed per se, it depends on the type of disks your writer likes and to a certain degree what the disk is rated at.

  Totally-braindead 15:20 31 May 2007

If you write a disk at 16 speed, even if they are marked as 16x disks and it fails try burning again at 8 speed as you may find it burns perfectly at the slower speed.

  jordan24x 15:37 31 May 2007

well ive been burning on sony dvd+rw 1x-4x and have had no problem.But when i download onto sony dvd+r 1x-16x, the home movie is all out of sync.Im burning with nero... how do you change your burn speeds? And the reason I asked if anyone knew what the write speed was for my pc is that my last pc actually said it was 4x so I assumed this pc would have a certain write speed to stay in-between.Im a bit clueless at these sort of things but im learning lol!!

  jordan24x 15:39 31 May 2007

and i also heard if you use a too high write speed it can damage your pc!!!

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