PHILIPS SOUNDCARD - Installation Drivers Error

  SLIMMERTIF 17:01 25 Mar 2004

I am runnin win 98se and have just gone and purchaes a Philips Dynamic Edge 4.1 Soundcard from PC World. It came with an installation disk, and the system requirements fit my system. I have installed the soundcard, and have tried the software disk for the drivers. I can only get so far and then it crashes my system, leaving me with this message
"Error Information
Error Code: -5011 : 0x80040707>
Error Description: >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (524)pAPP:Philips Sound Agent 2PVENDOR:Philips ComponentsPGUID:[email protected] 98 A (67766446) IE 6.0.2800.1106> "

I have sent the report to Philips, and have tried looking for more drivers on the net.

Can anyone give me any pointers?


  citadel 18:42 25 Mar 2004

if you have changed the card you should have removed the old cards drivers shut down installed the new card, re-started and installed the new cards drivers. If you had on board sound and were installing a card for the first time you should have disabled on board sound in the bios, shut down installed the new card re-started the installed the new cards drivers.
There are drivers for your card on the philips web site.

  SLIMMERTIF 09:09 26 Mar 2004

Hi Citadel,

Thanks for your prompt reply. There must be a conflict somewhere in the machine, it never had a soundcard, on board or seperate. The philips was a newon.e However, we have several computers here, and have robbed and swopped. The philips has not been installed first time on another computer, and an older sound blaster card has been put into the "conflict" machine. I had looked on the net before I post my question to PC Advisor, and I guess many out there are having the same sort of problem. Maybe that is why PC World have reduced the price. All sorted now, but not the perfect way!! Once again - thanks for your help.

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