Philips P190P6 & OneClick Intelligent Mains

  WombatXP 20:05 14 Jun 2006

I've just acquired a new MESH PC for home with a Philips 190P6ES LCD attached to it (which is an excellent screen). As a bit of power saving management, the PC and all other bits of hardware are connected via a OneClick intelligent mains panel which (for those who don't know) detects when the PC shuts down and powers down all the other kit a few seconds later automatically. Likewise on PC start-up, it defers powering up the other kit until a few seconds after the PC. This works beautifully for everything else except the Philips monitor. It'll shut down OK but refuses to restart again. I have to plug it into a separate power socket and switch it on/off manually. Philips Customer Services were, frankly, useless. The question to them was "is there a KNOWN problem with the OneClick". All they stated was that there "might be problem" and I should do it manually. No kidding. Any clues, anyone?

  the old man 20:11 14 Jun 2006

I bought the oneclick and can only say that it is a good piece of kit. I also have a problem but with my Epson R200 printer. Oneclick shuts it down ok but I have to switch it on myself. Oneclick does not do the job on this one thing, however is fine with monitor, usb hub, scanner and wireless mouse.

  WombatXP 16:54 15 Jun 2006

Hi, old man. Thanks for the response. I also think the OneClick a neat piece of kit. I'm guessing that the Philips monitor has a 'soft off' built in it somewhere that won't react to a restart signal from the OneClick. That was the answer I was expecting from Philips but ... hey ho. Bit of a pity as it works fine on everything else without a problem including my Brother & HP printers. I'll see if anyone else comes back with anything before closing this item.

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