Philips CD-RW80 1~4x

  Halmer 11:10 26 Dec 2003

Would someone be good enough to explain what these numbers mean on my box of CDs please.

  leo49 11:12 26 Dec 2003

Rewritable discs - 80minutes capacity - capable of being written to at up to 4 times speed

  Halmer 11:26 26 Dec 2003

the Packard Bell CD-R 48x speed that I have can be used 12x faster. Any particular reason why thye are so much faster please?

  Halmer 11:27 26 Dec 2003

what is it 80 minutes of?

  leo49 11:37 26 Dec 2003

Rewritable disks are slower anyway than write-once CDR's,but I would say the Philips disks you've got are old stock. Write speeds of burners have increased dramatically over the last 2 years and disk manufacturers have responded by increasing the spec of their disks in line with this progress.

IF you were to burn music[and on CDRW that's not generally advisable]you'd get 80 minutes of playing time.

Burning other data you'd get about approx 700mb or so.

Essentially the cheapness of CDRs has virtually made more expensive CDRW's redundant,in my opinion - I wouldn't dream of using them.

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