Philips 170 B4 TFT Monitor

  DJM 17:34 15 Jan 2004

I've just bought the above monitor as an ex-display model from a local shop. I saw it in use in the shop and so know it works fine. It came with no drivers (or manual)so I just plugged it in, went to the Philips website, downloaded a driver and installed it. The image however is very blurred with a sort of shadowing - any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


  Big Elf 18:32 15 Jan 2004

Check the refresh rate. TFTs usually refresh at a lower rate than CRTs. Mine set at 60 Hertz.

Also what resolution are you running it at? TFTs are generally designed to work well only at one specific resolution.

  DJM 21:11 15 Jan 2004

Managed to sort it out in the end - they had sold me the wrong sort of cable (the monitor to PC one) - it wasn't high enough quality for the size of the monitor. After spending about 2 hours fiddling with the settings I finally looked on the back of the cable packaging and saw it was not the right thing.

Thanks anyway.


  Big Elf 21:15 15 Jan 2004

What type of cable did it need?

  DJM 21:52 15 Jan 2004

High intergrity rather than normal - not sure what the difference is except the new one is much thicker than the old one.

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