Phenom 9850 compatible mobo

  JasperJackal 10:38 04 Oct 2008

Hi guys, firstly apologies - havent had time to search the forums and have to go out again now so answer may already be here.

I just ordered a phenom 9850 black edition and need a suitable mobo to run it on. Preferably with an nvidia chipset.

I'll be back sometime later today and hoipe to give more detail then otherwise . . .

. . . I really am in a rush - sorry!

Regards and have a great day

  retep888 10:57 04 Oct 2008
  MAT ALAN 10:58 04 Oct 2008

click here

recommended by AMD

  cream. 12:22 04 Oct 2008
  cream. 12:24 04 Oct 2008

and those with a nvidia chipset

click here&

  JasperJackal 22:24 04 Oct 2008

Thanks guys, I'll check these out tomorrow. I've had a quick look and there's a couple here I haven't already found but its getting late and I haven't stopped all day. Here's hoping :)

Again, thanks very much


  [email protected] 22:36 04 Oct 2008

click here can personally recommend this one, built one for a friend @3.1hz with 2 280gtx @650 it stays less than 30 degrees excellent bios support. check your cpu though some seem to out perform other by far. i had to send the first one back as it kept giving the secondry clock bsod. click here click here so make sure it's stable i ran prime 95 for 3 days on this one after returning it and it gives my intel a run for it's money.
good luck

  JasperJackal 14:37 06 Oct 2008

Thanks all of you for taking the time to help me out. In the end I went with adman 2's recommendation (thank you).

Thanks also for the heads up re the cpu. I've seen in other press that there are possible problems, so just hoping all works out.

Thanks again

have a great day


  [email protected] 08:51 08 Oct 2008

just so you know. there's an aux temp sensor that most hardware monitors use that tries to read the second motherboard temperature sensor. this isnt fitted so everest, hardware monitor speedfan etc will give a third reading of anything from 1 to 180c temp reading ignore this the sensor isnt fitted.
and this board unlike many is designed for an after market 'stand up' cooler as the circu pipe cooler sits right behind the fan, the stock hsf is pretty poor anyway and very loud when it rams up. i used click here with target temp in bios set to 60 min fan 12.5% cpu idles 40c never climbs over 51c and motherboard temps dropped by 5 degrees.
cool and quiet is disabled by default in bios best to leave it like this with a phenom.
clocking tips to avoid bsod leave all settings auto the board works very well at adjustments. change sli memory to auto. raise multiplier by 3 to 14.5 then bring each core up manually using the DOT software.

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