Phantom stuff on disc

  VCR97 21:51 28 Nov 2004

I have a SmartDisk Firelite external USB disc which I want to use for system backup using Norton Ghost. I did a backup which showed errors when verified with Backup Image Browser. I decided to delete the file from the USB disc using Windows Explorer as instructed in the manual. The file disappeared from WE but when I went to the USB disc's properties I saw that it still showed umpteen MB of used space. I thought that this would probably sort itself out but a restart didn't alter things. I did another backup and when I checked properties it showed 2x umpteen although WE is showing only umpteen. Any ideas, please?

  VCR97 19:37 01 Dec 2004

Well, that seems to have baffled everyone.

  Technotiger 19:59 01 Dec 2004

Hi, I am not familiar with that particular hardware, but, have you tried re-formatting the usb disk rather than just deleting the contents? lol

  VCR97 20:09 01 Dec 2004

Valvegrid: the link doesn't open. It mutters about a timeout. I'll try later.

Technotiger: I tried that but Windows tells me that I can't format 'cos something is using the disc. Don't know what it can be as I shut down everything and the disc hasn't been used for anything apart from Ghost.

  Technotiger 20:14 01 Dec 2004

Hi again, not sure, just a suggestion, but - unplug disk>restart pc>plug in disk, in different usb port if possible>try reformat again. Good luck.

  VCR97 22:25 01 Dec 2004

I finally got to that site but the long way round. I tried their suggestion and found that chkdsk wouldn't run. I decided to try Technotiger's last suggestion and whilst doing that I found that the disc file system had somehow become RAW. I don't know if that is an abbreviation or if it means raw in the sense of empty. I tried to CONVERT to NTFS but that isn't available with RAW. I then tried FORMAT e: /fs:ntfs and that worked, much to my surprise. So I can now try my Ghost backup again with fingers crossed. Thanks for the suggestions.

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