Phantom? hard drive errors

  phono 22:31 05 Nov 2005

First of all, sorry for the long post, anyway, to set the scene, a friend gave me his computer which would not boot, he asked me to repair it if possible and to check his Antivirus and Windows 98SE was up to date.

The boot problem was solved by replacing a defective modem and I then updated his AVG 6 to AVG 7 and proceeded to install some Windows updates, everything went well and the system was running well and without problems, so far so good.

The problem started when I booted into safe mode and proceeded to carry out a defrag of drive C, which, according to windows, hadn't been done for 1347 days.

Initially defrag kept saying there were errors on the drive and that I would have to run scandisk, scandisk was duly started and did find, and supposedly fix, some errors. A restart to windows threw up an error loading user.exe saying "You may have to reinstall Windows".

I rebooted and on starting to load safe mode the system reported errors on drive C and automatically ran scandisk in thorough mode. This reported some "Bad sectors" and eventually ran to completion before loading to safe mode.

Whilst in safe mode if I try to run a defragment or AVG I get the following error after a short time, Fatal Exception OE @ 0028: C00078C0 in VXD VMM(01) 000068C0.

I have downloaded the Maxtor Powermax software, as drive C is a Maxtor, I have run the 90 second test, the advanced test and a number of burn-in tests and all report the drive as healthy, ie no bad sectors as claimed by scandisk.

I still get the user.exe error trying to load Windows and on rebooting to safe mode it still runs scandisk and still reports some bad sectors before going into safe mode.

I have restarted into DOS and run a scanreg /fix which did not help, I have yet to try a scanreg /restore but will report back when I have.

In the meantime, has anybody else come across a problem like this? I dread the thoughts of a reinstall as I know I am the one who will be asked to do it.

Hope someone can help.

  VoG II 22:49 05 Nov 2005

Try Diskeeper Lite click here

  phono 22:50 05 Nov 2005

I just downloaded it before reading your post VoG™.

Thanks for the speedy reply, I will let you know the result.

  phono 01:58 06 Nov 2005

Tried scanreg /restore, no luck, am stuck with installing diskeeper lite as I can only get into safe mode, I will have to exercise the grey matter and remember how to load real mode drivers for CD ROM before I can continue.

  phono 17:50 10 Nov 2005

I eventually "cured" the offending system, I tried scandisk, scanreg, virus and adware scans, I even tried a windows repair and all to no avail.

As a last ditch I loaded up my trusty BartPE CD-ROM and ran checkdisk from that, it found a load of errors on the drive and corrected them, low and behold when I rebooted I could now get to the desktop but explorer instantly crashed, I carried out a windows repair and all has been well since, well so far it has anyway.

Thanks for your input VoG™, I have since installed diskeeper lite, I have been using the full version for a number of years now myself and wouldn't use anything else, the lite version isn't at all bad either.

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