Phantom Drive Problem

  davelamb 10:40 11 Dec 2014

Hi Guys. I have looked but cannot find a solution to this...

My laptop runs windows 7 which is fully up to date and I regularly scan for viruses and malware.

It has a partitioned hard drive (C; and D;) and a dvd rewriter (E).

Despite nothing being plugged into any port it keeps flashing up an autoplay message for drive F; but on clicking the message it says nothing can be found. It is very annoying as if you are typing something you lose the characters typed when the message pops up on screen, which is fairly random and can last up to say 10 seconds. The frequency varies and it can be flashing up once every 20 seconds and then disappear for a few minutes before flashing up again.

If anyone can help I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks for reading.

  davelamb 12:30 11 Dec 2014

Hi Jock1e

No card readers, no phone connection, .one wireless HP printer connection. Device Manager doesn't currently have any yellow triangles only white but I will check again when am being blitzed by the autoplay as its currently gone quiet.

  [DELETED] 13:26 11 Dec 2014

3 results suggest TomTom SatNav App is a problem. Do you have that?

Or faulty drive/slot on your laptop or printer (or external drive) or virus/malware. Run a Malwarebytes scan again sometime.

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Autoplay is considered a Risk by many anyway. Try keeping it permanently off. May also be an option in your AntiVirus config/settings.

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  davelamb 14:11 11 Dec 2014

Hi robintheunteenth. Thanks for your input. Yes I do have tom tom on the laptop (that company is pants in my opinion). I will run malwarebytes and turn autoplay off. fingers crossed...

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