RonB 17:21 03 Apr 2005

Problem: Crashes during startup
Error: Blue screen PFN_LIST_CORRUPTED
STOP (0x0000008F,,0x00433132,0x00073132,0x000000000)

Will only start in safe mode.
Have tried:
Restore point to previous day ( now there are no previous ones when there were loads before I Restored),
Choosing last known good config during stat up,
Using msconfig and deselecting everything during strt up,
Using control panel /system/ hardware/device manger and uninstalling everything system related drivers and restarting,
Deleting Pagefile, restarting , recreating new one on different drive, restarting,

There is no option in bios to disable caching or shadowing

Using start /run “verifier” and restarting gives following fault (blue screen STOP)
System is attempting to access memory beyond the end of the allocation
(system driver issue)
STO 0x00000000 CD ( 0x93FA7000,0x00000000,0x80529f47,0x00000000)

Further attempts give same message different number for first item in brackets vis 94743000 or 80529F47 or 90f41000

Having turned off verifier fault report reverts to PFN (page frame Number) list corrupted.

Fault occurred whilst playing MSflight sim2004 with PMDG simulations addon running, I pressed NUMLOCK key so I could alter ailerons and it crashed.

System is home built XP pro SP2, MOBO= Gigabyte K8Triton GA-K8NF-9
Ati radeon X800XT PCI video card. 2 gig sys mem (GEIL), 2x150 gig Raid 0 serial ATA.

It is bang up to date with windows updates and has Norton 2005 antivirus and internet protection also bang up to date.

How do I fix it.
i.e can page frame list be repaired, rebuilt.
Please don’t say reformat and reinstall, it would take weeks to get it back

Many thnx if you can give me a fix!!

  JimButler 12:12 24 Apr 2005

Hello, I received same message on my XP Home Laptop recently. I also received message relating to page fault in non paged error. I tried everything including a complete re-install from scratch. Along with the Blue Screen error messages I also received lots of application crashes and windows services crashes ( you know the sort of thing .." Sorry for the inconvenience but IEXPLORER ( for example ) will have to close " At any rate some forums re the Blue Screen messages refer to possible memory issues. I bit the bullet swapped my mem module for a new. Behold NO problems since.
ALSO please note before I swapped mem I went into set-up and set POST to thorough check rather than default minimal. This power on check through up an error message re memory addressing and system reducing available memory. At any rate replacing memory solved my particular issue.

  RonB 16:07 25 Apr 2005

Faulty memory was the problem. This is the second pair of faulty Geil memory modules I have had. Previously when I have bought cheapy I have never had probs. AT least Geil have a lifetime warranty. The problem now is Overclockers UK at Fenton , they have switched off their e-mail and getting through on the phone is next to impossible. Is this a deliberate ploy to avoid returns? Anyway thanks to those who have replied.

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