Peterkins Video card

  Peterkins777 13:31 19 Oct 2008

Hi everyone, I received my 8600 GT video card and thanks to members here installed it Ok, Today I thought I would play a DVD video and all I could get was a lot of flickering, I don't get this at any other time, anyone got any ideas? Peter

  MAT ALAN 20:23 19 Oct 2008

click here

Could be a codec issue, K-lite will play beermats...

  Peterkins777 21:07 19 Oct 2008

Hi Mat, I'm afraid I don't understand a word of your post. I am computer challenged, can you explain in simple language that even an old idiot like me can understand Many thanks Peter

  mocha 21:45 19 Oct 2008

Hi Peterkins777,

What MAT ALAN is saying is that your computer may not have the correct program to play your DVD video.

A codec is a device or program capable of encoding and/or decoding a digital data stream or signal eg DVD Video.

If you download his link and install this program on your computer it may well solve your problem.

K-Lite which MAT is suggesting you to download is an excellent Free Media Player.


  MAT ALAN 23:32 19 Oct 2008

Nicely put mocha, thanks for the input...

  Peterkins777 10:42 20 Oct 2008

Hi everyone, many thanks for the replies. I downloaded K-lite and everything is working ok. once again many thanks Peter

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