Pesky little message pops up in Win XP

  lodger 10:25 27 Jun 2007

whenever windows starts up, a tiny message says 'Windows no disc' and then some jargon, it goes away when cancelled four times.........any idea anyone?

  bof:) 11:15 27 Jun 2007

Hi lodger, can we have full message and Operating System you are using please.

How long ago did this message start appearing?

Have you made any changes inside the casing? If so recheck that all cables are connected properly.

Has message appeared since you installed or deleted any programs if so which ones and when?


  bof:) 11:21 27 Jun 2007

Also check in your BIOS that the pc is looking for the hard drive first when starting up. (to get into BIOS usually means pressing DEL or DELETE button at startup.

You should see an on-screen message at startup telling you what to press.

(if you make any alterations, make sure you save them before you exit the BIOS ...also make a note of the original setting you altered just in case you need to change it back).


  rawprawn 11:23 27 Jun 2007

Are you running Vista?

  rawprawn 11:24 27 Jun 2007

Sorry, I should learn to read threads properly

  bof:) 12:41 27 Jun 2007

rawprawn I missed that bit too. Look at my first question :(

  lodger 15:24 27 Jun 2007

some good ideas there.............will send report :)

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