Personalised emails from Access database

  Mr. Chips 10:24 19 Feb 2010

Hi there.
I have checked through some of the recent posts regarding mail merge etc, but haven't seen a similar problem, so I place my request in your hands.

I am using Access 2002 and want to produce personalised emails. I can't see any option similar to Word 2002 to do this.

I am aware that it is possible to do this from Word 2002 when interacting with Outlook, and hoped that I could perhaps somehow export from Access into Excel to get my variable fields into the email message, but to no avail. By now you must be seeing my state of confusion!

Can anyone point me to info on how to get Access data fields into a personalised email ... by whatever convoluted means may be necessary.

Any advice to get me on the right path will be gratefully appreciated.

  MAJ 10:33 19 Feb 2010

Is click here the sort of thing you mean, Mr. Chips?

  MAJ 10:48 19 Feb 2010

I knew I remembered seeing something like this a few years ago i.e. taking the fields from Access rather than from Excel (the usual application used) and inserting them into Word's Mailmerge. It's for Access 97, but it might give you an idea how it might work in Access 2002. click here Hope I'm on the right track Mr. Chips.

  Mr. Chips 11:04 19 Feb 2010

MAJ, Many thanks ... Your first post was very exciting ... and remain thus until I saw the price, which is above my means I am afraid. I am not surprised at the cost, because it seems to do so much ... hey ho.

I couldn't make your second link work, but I did notice that you allude to it perhaps being more normal to do what I want via Excel.

As it is a breeze to produce a spreadsheet from Access, I would be quite happy to receive any ideas about how to use Excel fields in Word merge document. How do I produce a Excel link in the Word document, is I suppose, my question now.

  MAJ 11:16 19 Feb 2010

It's many moons since I used Mailmerge, so I'm very rusty on it, especially in Word 2002 (XP) which if I remember correctly changed things slightly from Word 2000 which I used. I seem to remember using Excel for my Data and it was fairly straightforward to do so, all info on it can be found in the help files. However, I did find this click here which should point you in the right direction.

P.S. I did notice the price of the program in my last link, it was just to see if I was on the right track.

  Mr. Chips 11:20 19 Feb 2010


I just do not believe how stupid I have been. I am a new user to mail merge and have been trying to understand the help.

Now that I have turned on the View Toolbar for Mail Merge ... it seems so much easier!

I am sorry for taking up your time on a wild-goose errand.

I will try again with the benefit of having all the buttons present.

Once again ... I am sorry

  MAJ 11:23 19 Feb 2010

Not a problem, Mr. Chips, I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction.

  Taff™ 14:45 19 Feb 2010

I offer my assistance on this one if you need it. I use advanced mail merge with Office 2002 (XP)on a weekly basis so if you get stuck with anything along the way post back here and drop me a PM via the yellow envelope to draw my attention to the posting.

  Mr. Chips 17:07 19 Feb 2010


Very many thanks ...
I have spent most the day on this and have pretty well managed to do what I want direct from Access into Word MailMerge and then 'Merge to Email'.

It works quite well.

One thing though, and it is only really a matter of format.

I would like to use "if .. then ... else" to respond to certain conditions. (in fact... are there subscriptions owing or not).
depending on Yes or No I want to produce different text.

Is there any way of embedding the subs owing figure into the text box. e.g. something like:-

"You currently owe subscriptions amounting to £" << SubsOwingAmnt>> ". Please send your cheque to the Treasurer at your earliest convenience."
"You have no outstanding subscriptions. Thank you"

Does my query make sense ... is it possible to embed a field ito the text box? to do this or do I have to continue cascading If-Thens to achieve the same result?

I appreciate your time in trying to help me.

  Mr. Chips 17:17 19 Feb 2010

May I also ask another question?

Is there any way of editing an If-Then-Else in the
'Main document setup' screen?
At the moment, if I want to make a minor change I have to re-enter the whole thing again.
I am sure there must be a way of editing this, but I haven't been able to fathom out how to so do.

  Taff™ 08:57 20 Feb 2010

For the Society I assist we send out membership reminders if people haven`t paid their subscription which is a one off annual payment of £20. We simply have a "Paid" field which returns "Yes". In the main document set up the "if .. then ... else" to If Paid Field equal to Yes and insert your text (Leave blank or "Your subs are up to date") and otherwise "You currently owe subscriptions ......"

In my experience look for the easy route. Create an extra column and look at your current fields to create a simple Yes/No argument and paste it in and then use those results for the mail merge.

If you really want to look at the field coding. Open Word and go to Tools>Options and on the view tab change Field Shading to "Always". Now select the whole document (Ctrl Key + A Key) and then Shift Key + F9 key which toggles the field coding allowing you to make alterations to your alternative text for example.

Hope that helps but post back if you need further assistance.

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