Personalise the appearance of windows 7

  danpep5552 11:41 25 Jan 2010

Is there a way to personalise the appearance e.g. icons scroll bar etc., and keep the windows 7 aero settings? I mainly wish to widen the scroll bar and caption buttons. Thanks.

  rawprawn 12:46 25 Jan 2010

Not sure what you mean by Scroll Bar, do you mean the Task Bar at the bottom of your screen. If so right click on it and untick Lock Task Bar, then put your mouse pointer on its top edge until it cahnges into 2 (up and down arrows) then drag it upwards.

  danpep5552 12:49 25 Jan 2010

Thanks for the reply, I mean the bar on the right that you move to make the page go up and down. thanks.

  GaT7 13:42 25 Jan 2010

But this seems to do it in Vista, which may be similar to Win7 - copied from another forum:

Open Personalization > Windows Colour and Appearance > Classic appearance properties > Advanced > Item > Scrollbar. Then adjust the size you need. G

  GaT7 13:49 25 Jan 2010

This should be more accurate - from click here:

How to adjust the width of the scrollbar in Windows 7?

The setting is buried a bit deep though. So, here's some help to find it:

1. Right click anywhere on the Windows 7 desktop. Alternatively, open the Control Panel

2. Select "Personalization"

3. Select "Windows Color"

4. Click on the "Advanced Appearance Settings" button

5. Select "Scrollbar" in the "Item" drop-down menu list

6. If you have Aero Glass turned on, the default value is 17. If not, it is 16. Change this to something larger and more finger friendly. I chose to make the scrollbar 27 pixels wide on my Asus Eee PC T91MT touchscreen netbook

7. Select "Active Title Bar" in the "Item" drop-down menu list This width made it much easier to "grab" the scrollbar with my fingertip to scroll a window up or down

8. If you have Aero Glass turned on, the default value is 19. If not, it is 18. I changed the Active Title Bar size to 28 pixels. This change made it easier to select the maximize/minimize/exit buttons in the upper right corner.


  danpep5552 16:03 25 Jan 2010

Thanks I was advised this may not be achievable in W7 but it is. Thanks very much

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