personal information while using gmail on a company's network

  templar_knight 06:27 22 Nov 2011

Hi all,

When I use gmail on my company's network, is it possible for our IT department to view the email if they wanted to? I always thought that the mail was secure as I was using gmail and not outlook which obviously can be accessed easily by the IT staff - if they wanted to.

Is there a way to get around this?

Thanks, tk

  recap 09:56 22 Nov 2011

Firstly, you need to be aware of your companies Internet policy, the use of personal email accounts like gmail may not be allowed.

Secondly, your IT department can track your activity on the Internet to the millisecond with links to all pages used. Whether they can read your gmail I'm not 100% sure but they will know you have been in it. So I'll refer you back to my first point.

  mgmcc 10:49 22 Nov 2011

If you want to send or receive emails which are personal, confidential or sensitive, then don't do it from a work PC or network. Period!

  templar_knight 05:35 23 Nov 2011

Thanks for the reply recap.

My company's internet policy doesn't prohibit use of personal email. Gmail is allowed and used by employees.

My question was more like if they could read my gmail posts. I have been using the company network for this but will move to using an alternate method ... personal phone etc.

Also thanks mgmcc for the reply. Will keep in mind.

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