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  zoobie 19:25 13 Feb 2006

I'm casually searching words related to my sites on google when I click on something called alexia or somesuch. Then, I'm shocked to see all my personal information sitting there including my name, address, phone, and even my business email address. I type in my other sites at alexia and sure enough, there's all my info again...splashed all over the internet.

Is this GoDaddy's doing? You're required to put correct info in your domain's account only to be scattered all over the web? Is this their way of blackmailing you to sign up for their premium privacy service?

Which is more ethical? To splash your personal info all over the net or to put phoney info in your domain account to achieve the same result as the premium privacy service?



  zoobie 20:09 13 Feb 2006

I had to change my info to reflect their ethics of splashing my info all over the internet.
Two can play this game. I normally charge $500 per account to have this info released. I guess they didn't read my TOS. The only thing I left real is my junk email address if they want to contact me.

  zoobie 21:18 13 Feb 2006

Perhaps "shocked" was a bit much...more like "annoyed that any internet birdbrain could show up at my front door selling craftmatic adjustable beds kinda thing".

Some reverse internet blackmail of godaddys...

This is some Rod Serling 'ol switcharoo that Chuck Barris would enjoy.


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