Personal Firewall Help Required

  I,Me and Myself 13:43 01 Nov 2006

Yesterday I installed Zonealarm but had problems with the TrueVector service and it would not run so I installed Kerio but it is causing my PC problems with the internet - it just won't load.

I want to remove Kerio but cannot find an uninstall link. How do I uninstall it and all it's components?

Could someone please advise me of a good firewall?

  birdface 13:50 01 Nov 2006

Take it you went to Add Remove in Control Panel and tried to delete them from there,Make sure it is not running on your quick start before you remove, Once removed run C Cleaner that will clear up any other parts left behind, I Use Comodo, Bit hard to get used to, But think I am winning.

  Technotiger 13:56 01 Nov 2006

Hi, as buteman says - you will find it in Control Panel>Add Remove. I too use Kerio and IMHO it is a great and easy to use firewall. Other thean 'it won't load' what problem are you having with Kerio?


  Technotiger 13:56 01 Nov 2006

Oooops - than not thean ....

  johndrew 14:21 01 Nov 2006

Might not be a similar problem but worth a try.

I had difficulty with Kerio when installation failed part way through (power failure). I asked kerio for advice they recommended Windows Install Clean Up click here be used as a partial installation could prevent both full installation and removal. I manually deleted all I could, used the Windows utility and all was fine.

Subsequent installation was simple and I have nothing but praise for the product.

  I,Me and Myself 15:05 01 Nov 2006

The whole PC just appeared to be slow so Kerio has gone - thanks - how stupid am I?

I have now installed Commando (thanks for that one) everything seems AOK (touch wood) and the internet is working.

I am now a very happy bunny.

Thanks everyone, you are all so very helpful.

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