Personal Accountz Trial Missing from DVD

  twitcher 20:59 27 Apr 2010

At present I have Quicken 2002 to keep my home accounts. Thinking of changing to Windows 7 but not sure if Quicken would work. Thinking of buying Personal Accountz which, I understand, can import Quicken data. Thought I'd try the trial version of Personal Accountz (page 102 of the May Issue of PC advisor) but find that the DVD contains Business Accountz. Am I missing something?

  northumbria61 21:30 27 Apr 2010

I have been a Quicken user for approx.11yrs and I am running the latest released version for the UK which is Quicken 2004.

I have Windows 7 (64 bit) and I found that Quicken would not install for me (other people say they have) - however I downloaded Windows Virtual PC and installed Quicken onto that which runs without any problem in XP Mode.

If you manage to get it to install you could try running it in compatibility mode

  northumbria61 21:31 27 Apr 2010

Personal Accountz I have no knowledge of so can't advise you.

  northumbria61 21:34 27 Apr 2010

This is one review from an Amazon customer.

"Only for very basic use
If you are starting out tracking your basic spending/current account usage for the first time then this product may be OK. If you are used to either Quicken/MS money before then you be disappointed "

  twitcher 23:22 27 Apr 2010

Thanks for that. However it would have been interesting to have tried it out. Anyone at PCA able to explain why the trial of Business Accountz and not Personal Accountz was on the DVD? I think the former costs about 3 times as much as the latter so would be too expensive for normal home use.

  northumbria61 08:27 28 Apr 2010

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  Hannahc10 11:34 28 Apr 2010

Hi, I work for Accountz.

We dont have a trial for Personal Accountz. However, we have a new product coming out next month called Home Accountz. There will be a trial, keep an eye out on our website: click here :)

  northumbria61 14:16 28 Apr 2010

Twitcher - worth waiting for I would think - nothing to lose - try before you buy !

  twitcher 23:18 28 Apr 2010

That's what I was hoping to do. I look forward to trying Home Accountz when it launches. I assume it will be able to import my Quicken 2002 data.

  Simsy 08:50 29 Apr 2010

and have it working fine in Windows 7...

click here

Good luck,



  twitcher 16:58 29 Apr 2010

Thanks Simsy, I've made a printout of your post and I'll give it a try when I change to Windows 7.

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